So Many Moments!


So, there was a lot of stuff that happened in the last week that I didn’t do the greatest job documenting because I was curled up in the fetal position in the corner of my bedroom, rocking myself in sadness over my baby moving off to college.

I may or may not be blogging right now from that same corner. It’s progress I’m at least uncurled.

The wee ones had their first week of school and it went really well. We’ve been working all summer on Wes’s behavior, trying to get him ready for big school, and the first week was a success. He didn’t get in trouble at all. He only moved his behavior clip once but he was able to move it back with good behavior so…compared to the beginning of the summer when he was kicking me and spitting in my face? I’d say we’re in a much better place.

Yay! for progress! I’ve had nightmares about Wes winning the award for Child Earliest To Be Kicked Out Of School. This week has been a pleasant surprise. However, he’s not handling the new schedule well and it’s made him REALLY emotional which means he was not helping me deal my own emotions when E left on Friday.


ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Like it wasn’t hard enough without those giant crocodile tears!

But! The move onto campus was actually tons of fun and made Donnie and I totally want to re-enroll as an undergraduate somewhere.


We got him all settled in and I’m now following his life via his twitter because kids these days don’t call home. They tweet home.

Finally…Donnie did a big race yesterday. He was given the honor of starting out with the Elite Wave of competitors and that alone was something HUGE to be proud of. He said he wasn’t happy with his overall results, feeling like he could have been a few minutes better in a few places, but he’s happy with his effort. It’s so fun watching him compete because he’s such an amazing athlete.


Definitely a great week of memorable moments. While there may have been many tears of pride shed by me for all four members of my family (Second grade! Kindergarten! College! Triathlon!) I still found myself so blessed to be surrounded by such awesomeness in my family. They make me want to be a better person.

But let me tell you, I’m very happy to settle into some sort of boring and calm normalcy now. As fun as the excitement of transition and change is, deep down inside I want nothing than a calm and boring life to come home to. Where I can sit in my PJs, wear my fuzzy houseslippers, and read a book every night.

Ahhh…living the dream…

6 thoughts on “So Many Moments!”

  1. You got such a great set of pictures of the send-off/move-in. The one where he’s hugging the littles got me teary, and then the ones of him settling in and you guys with your college store merchandise made me also see the fun of it. But still so sad!

  2. I got teary over the pictures of E with he little ones, too. And they aren’t even my kids! I’ve been thinking about you a lot. I hope you continue to adjust okay to having E at college!

    My son’s school started today and I took a nice morning nap with the cats as soon as the house was calm again. So I’m with you living the life!

  3. I have a similar situation with my son. He was actually kicked out of two summer camps this summer and then we tried a nanny. She quit. I am excited about him starting kindergarten, since I’ve had him during the summer once the nanny quit (doesn’t work well with work, at ALL!), but I am terrified of school for him. He has an IEP, and will have an aid for part of the day, but I am still worried.

    You’ve probably explained it before, so I’m sorry if I’m asking about it if you have, but can you tell me about the clip thing? It sounds like something that might work for us as well, or at least be worth trying. Thank you!

  4. I am so glad Wes’s first week of school went well. Your son and my son are the same age and generally seem to have the same personality. Can be very loving and snuggly and smart and creative and active but can also be aggressive and defiant. ( At least that is my son, and sounds like your son from your posts). I too was worried about him being the first kid of the year to be kicked out of Kindergarten! We’ve been in school for about a month (so early I know) and he’s doing well. Occasionally still kicking or hitting but apparently not a big enough deal to warrant a note or meeting. Is it because it is a new school and new teacher and he is on his best behavior for now? Maybe. But he also started seeing a behavior therapist this summer and it has helped SO MUCH. He’s also been on a medication for 3 weeks (not an ADHD drug) and it has changed our home life. So much less stress. He’s still creative and outgoing and silly and hyper, but the defiance and argumentativeness and agression are not there. I hope Wes continues to do well, but if you ever feel like another step is needed- email me and I can tell you more about Jackson’s therapy etc.

  5. Your writing about E is the only thing that has ever made me have wonder if I should have kids. The photos of your little ones saying goodbye to him made me misty-eyed. My brother is 9 years older than me and I adored him growing up. When we dropped him off at school I thought I was going to die.

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