“asjkdfl;” is the sound my heart makes this week.

If you could pronounce a keyboard smash, it would be the sound coming out of my mouth whenever I try to talk today because there are just TOO MANY BIG THINGS HAPPENING IN MY LIFE.

Let’s start with the obvious one that everyone today in my town is discussing:

The First Day Of School!

The kids starts school today. And that’s “Kids” as in…plural…because Wes starts Kindergarten today! Can you believe it? This kid is going to be a student in someone’s classroom starting today.

Photo taken July 15th, 2010.

The kid who had this conversation this weekend:

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W- Daddy, Can you get me a mint?
D- Yeah…
W- Wait! Let me ask Momma first.
D- Wes, I am your parent. I can make decisions, too.
W- Yeah, but Momma doesn’t like it when you make decisions.

The kid who still walks around in just his underwear and whatever current weapon he chooses tucked in the wasteband.

The kid who thinks it’s okay to wipe eye boogers on his sister, as long as they’re not nose boogers.

The kid who would use a bottle of ketchup at every meal if we let him.

The kid who fell in love with my Mom’s Daschunds and keeps saying, “When Sweetie finally dies, can we get a Wiener Dog?”

Yep…that kid is starting Kindergarten. His teacher has no idea the excitement this year will hold for her.

But let’s not forget…

E Leaves For College On Friday!

Yes. You heard that correctly. He leaves for college on Friday. I can’t believe our last summer is gone. He worked a lot, which is probably a good thing as it got us used to him not being here. But still…I had hoped I’d win the lottery so I could plan some awesome adventures for our last summer. Alas – that didn’t happen. So we worked with our limited budget and got matching tattoos and dorm supplies.

Like one does on their last summer home.

Donnie keeps pointing out that, “He’ll be back home!” And I know that – in theory – we’ll have the periodic weekend and the summer between school years. But that wasn’t my case when I left for college. And in truth, that wasn’t Donnie’s case either. Once we left for school, our visits home were minimal and this is a good thing. We settled into our own lives with jobs and apartments and adventures. And in my case…a kid. A kid who I now send off to college.


So…this week…AM I RIGHT?

But – if any of you would like to be part of the Care Package onslaught that I’m planning for E, let me know. Just email me at misszootATgmailDOTcom.

Oh, and brace yourself. This week is going to be full of me walking down memory lane with my oldest child. My poor youngest will miss some of the fanfare he should be given on his first week of school, but as the youngest child, he’ll have plenty more down the road. He can share a bit of the spotlight this week.

6 thoughts on ““asjkdfl;” is the sound my heart makes this week.”

  1. WAH!!!!!! Our little sweet babies are growing up!!!!! WAY TOO FAST!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck to you and to E!!!!

  2. How can you bear it? After reading your blog for the past ten years, I’m getting teary about E going off to college. I can’t even imagine how many tears you’ve shed.

  3. This is sad, usually when its a boy going to collage he will never come back home, and you know that. and still there is nothing you can do, I feel you, life in general are pretty sad, but there are so many good things 2, think about the times he will come and visit, about the exiting life experiences he will tell you about, I have a feeling I’m not really helping, sorry there are nothing I can say to make you feel better.

  4. i’ve had the same convos with anastasia this last week…that while i am so happy for her getting ready to leave and start her life on her own…and have it be only 3 hrs away? i’m so torn b/c I KNOW i never went home again, and the thought of that happening with her is HORRIFYING to me.


    hugs, hugs, hugs

  5. Is it horrible that this post gives me a crazy mixture of pride and anxiety, even though I don’t actually know you or your kids? I’ve read your blog longer than any other, since E was “Little Zoot”, and the idea of him going of to college is awesome and ridiculous at the same time. Congrats to all the kids, and to you for holding it all together!

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