There are a lot of things getting better in my life lately. Things that I have struggled with recently. I’m trying to focus on the better and not the same or worse…the worse.

The Bike

I am getting SO MUCH BETTER at riding my bike, y’all! I tried a daytime road ride the other week and cut it short at 2 miles and hit the Greenway. Partly because I was having technical issues, partly because I was TERRIFIED of riding on the road. Here’s the thing: I’m terrified of driving a car on the road. I avoid traffic, high speeds, and left turns. Of course I’ll be as high-stress on a bike – if not more. BUT! I’m still getting better. I’ve been heading out for 1-hour rides on the Greenway and having run into anyone or anything in awhile. I even managed to take a few turns recently that I had been walking because they were sharp and involved obstacles. Then, last night I did a group ride on a road for an hour. It was great! It was a very low-traffic bike-friendly road, but still! I’m so much better!

The Wesley

He has not hit/kicked/punched me with any regularity in awhile. Really hasn’t done it at all compared to what he used to do. He still loses his temper and yells, but the violence has been curbed drastically. He’s even playing gentler with the smaller kids he comes into contact with. He’s obeying first time on a more regular basis and he’s not pitching tantrums anymore. All of these things lead me to a much more optimistic outlook on his start at Kindergarten in two weeks. Maybe he won’t be sent to the Principal’s office daily! Maybe.,

The Budget

We have decided to make some major lifestyle adjustments to give us a more workable budget to adapt to my new employment after my layoff in January, and to having a kid in college, and to having two adults now with very expensive hobbies. We are working to get ready to sell the house which will help immensely, but we also TURNED OFF CABLE. Can you believe that? We will be Netflix/Amazon Prime/Hulu Pro users from now on. There are several things that we will be missing live and will have to probably suffer waiting for DVDs, but for the most part we’ll be fine with entertainment. AND it will save us up to $150 a month. YES. THAT IS A LOT OF MONEY TO SPEND ON TV.

The Meat

I’ve gone without meat for about a week now. I’ve had a few instances where I forgot (oops) or I didn’t want to inconvenience anyone, but for the most part it’s gone well. It’s forcing me to make better decisions, and I’m eating food I love. I don’t think I’m ever going to be super-strict about it (especially in regards to inconveniencing people feeding me) but I think it’s a good basic change in my diet that will go well. I’m eating tons of cabbage right now which I love with all my heart, so it’s been an easy transition. I’ll give it 6 months to a year before I start thinking about going vegan. For now? Meat-free seems like a big enough challenge!

Any changes going better in your life?

7 thoughts on “Better.”

  1. We’ve been cable free since last sept and haven’t regretted it. We got a good HD antenna off of amazon to watch local channels, but honestly we never watch “live” TV anymore.

    Congrats on the meat free week.

  2. We are so TV addicted here, we should probably get rid of our satellite dish. My kids are constantly streaming Netflix on their phones anyhow.. Of course, Comcast would probably kill us by choking our bandwidth speed if we did EVERYthing via internet.

    You really encourage me with all of the positive things you are doing.

  3. We haven’t had real cable for two years. Comcast slid basic back in by making our internet twice as cheap if we had basic cable on one TV, but we still don’t use that as often as I’d expect. We got an HD antenna and that covers the shows I MUST watch (Glee) and most of the sports my husband MUST watch. Netflix for everything else. Even if my husband goes to bars to watch a few football games, we’re still way ahead, and I’m much better off without the time suck of “huh, let’s see what’s on TV” that came from two billion channels…

    Here’s hoping for more BETTER!

  4. We gave up cable when I got laid off last year, which for us meant giving up TV because we get no reception at all where we live. We haven’t missed it at all. The only time we ran into trouble was when my mom wanted to watch the Redskins/Dallas game on Thanksgiving, because you cannot get that on the internet. Everything else has been fine.

    Congrats on all the good stuff!

  5. the only thing that has kept us (and continues to keep us) from doing the same is football!!!

    how is donnie dealing with that?

  6. We are going to get an HD antennae for games that air on the main networks and he’s got an ESPN app thing for ESPN games, but there will be some games he’ll have to miss (especially anything on PayPerView) but he finally decided that saving 130 or more a month for the rest of the year outweighed missing a few games during the year – THANK GOD. 🙂

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