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Week 1 of Triathlon and Ultra Training


It’s that time of year again! Time for me to ramp up my training for my 50K in the Fall. Last year my training got all shifted as my miscarriage and resulting D&C thwarted my attempts at a 50-miler last November and I settled instead on a local 50K. That’s the same 50K I’ll be doing again this year. And training starts this week!

Of course, I also still have one more triathlon to go this season and I’m doing a training session for Fleet Feet for that one and that training starts this week too!

Except the triathlon schedule considers a week Sunday thru Saturday and I prefer to organize it like my 50K training program does and make it Monday through Sunday.

Other than that? Same start day!

Here are the issues I face with this challenge:

1) How do I merge the two programs with each other. For example, this weekend I need a 10-mile long run one day and a 1-hour medium effort run the next for my 50K training. But for my Tri training I need one day where I Bike for 45 mins and run for 30 minutes, and another day where I do this 1200m swim workout. Do I do my 10-miler on my swim day? Or merge my 10-miler with my 30-minute run on my bike day? I DO NOT KNOW.

2) How do I merge the two programs with the rest of my life. For example, this weekend we’re going to Knoxville for my 20th reunion Friday night and coming home Saturday night. I could get in a run in Knoxville, but not a bike or a swim. So, now I have to basically put my bike and swim into Sunday, which is not the way I’d really like to combine the workouts because those are my two high-anxiety exercises and I prefer to keep them on separate days.

BUT! This is a damn awesome problem to have. I love that this is my life now. Trying to figure out how to mix up my swims with my bike rides with my long runs and how to do it in a way that allows me to reach my goals. I also love doing that mixed in with my professional life because that life requires a lot of sitting at a desk and I’m glad I have plenty of things that will help me mix that up a bit. Especially as we start the roller coaster of selling and then buying a house, on top of the fact that I’m SENDING MY BABY OFF TO COLLEGE.

Let’s recap my history: I don’t handle stress well. Unless “well” is stealing Donnie’s eclairs out of the fridge when he’s not looking. Then I handle it swimmingly. So, having a training program to keep me active will help keep me from jumping in front of delivery truck of potato chips and either A) committing suicide or B) hijacking the bus and eating all of it’s contents.

Here’s to a crazy 6 weeks!

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