Dear Dad,


You are missing a lot if hilarity down here on my triathlon adventure. Seriously. You’d be laughing your ass off at about 99% of the stories I’d call you with.

But – man – you’d also be SO PROUD of me. I loved doing things that made you proud and so many times lately I just long for that feeling from you.

I rode my bike on the road for the first time with a friend of mine last week. I am still having some saddle issues (It’s not a seat! Did you know that?) on my new-to-me bike so my friend got out some hex wrenches and taught me how to adjust it. You would have been cracking up (and possibly rolling your eyes) at how many times we each said, “Righty-Tighty, Lefty-Loosey” during the whole ordeal.

I needed to put my bike on the trainer tonight to test out our adjustments. The trainer basically turns any bike into a stationary one. Unfortunately, mine doesn’t fit perfectly on it so I have to use something called a “Kinetic Skewer” that comes with the trainer. I’ve seen that damn thing lying around my house for years now and never knew what it was. Today? I looked up a YouTube video on how to use it and I put that baby through my wheel and my bike on the trainer.


And then! I adjusted the seat myself.

AND THEN! I realized I was getting too much resistance and noticed my brake was not letting loose from my tire so I worked on it too.


So, yeah. You’d probably be equal parts mortified I’m 36-years old and just now doing this, and proud of me for doing it anyway.

You’ve missed me doing two triathlons now. TWO! And one duathlon! You probably wouldn’t have been too shocked that I became an ultra-runner, since I expressed interest in that while you were alive, but you would have probably never pegged me for a triathlete. Let me tell you – it hasn’t been easy. Donnie has had about as much fun teaching me how to ride a bike as you had trying to teach me how to drive a stick.

I think you would have loved to take one of the Tri 101 classes here at our Fleet Feet. You would have most-definitely enjoyed all of the local riding groups. I wish we had discovered this world while you were still alive so we could have brought you a long on some of our adventures. I know how much fun you had at my brother’s Ironman – and how fascinating you found the entire event. You were the first one who told me about strippers!

NO. Not those kind of strippers. The ones that strip off wetsuits from triathletes after they get of the water. Donnie is his own stripper and I’m not doing any wetsuit legal races…but some day I’d like to be on the other end of that process just for your sake.

And DUDE. Donnie is kicking some ASS in this triathlete world. You beat him at our first 5K we ran in 2007 – it’s hard to believe that now because he’s running sub-20 5Ks now. His goal is to get under 19 minutes. NINETEEN MINUTE 5K! Can you believe it?

My point about all of this? I miss you. I wish you could be here to laugh at me when I almost leave my swim cap on for my bike, or be proud of me when I successfully shift gears on a hill. I think of you so often during all of this and wish I had started it earlier in life so that maybe we could have enjoyed it together.

Love you. Miss you.

7 thoughts on “Dear Dad,”

  1. Hugs to you! That made me teary eyed! Yep he would be proud of you because you are so AWESOME! 🙂

  2. A great letter. Made me teary eyed, too. Even though I don’t know you, I do understand how much you wish your dad was still here to share your life. That’s how I feel about my mom.

  3. I want to hug you AND this post. You’re both awesome 😉

    I love when you write to your dad. I feel like *I* know him through your writing, and I know I would have loved him too.


  4. Simply love that!!! I often find myself just missing my dad and wish he was here for my life. This was a beautiful letter!

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