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My Little Nerd


She started reading her first big book this week. It’s The Land Of Stories: The Wishing Spell by Chris Colfer. Yes, Chris Colfer from Glee. Everytime I see her reading it I wish I could send him the picture as he grieves over the loss of a castmate, in hopes to bring him some joy. She is loving the book so much and she’s constantly giving us updates on what chapter she’s on because she’s never such a big book before. I’m just beyond thrilled that she looks to be a reader. Someone who just loves to read for the sake of reading. I don’t believe you can make those people, I think we’re born that way. I think that everyone can enjoy books, but those of us who just must be reading something at all times? It’s a little different. And I think she’s following in her big brother’s footsteps beautifully.

She’s been wanting “fake glasses” lately. She thinks they make her look more “nerdy” and that’s the look she’s going for. She opted to break some of her old sunglasses to find something suitable and those plastic pink frames have been on her face for 24 hours now. She loves them. Last night she asked me to give her a “nerdy” hairdo. I did several and this one was her favorite. She kept going to the mirror and just giggling over the excitement of the transformation.

Her personality has so many different unique facets, I have no way of even trying to predict the kind of person she’s going to be. Some days I think she’ll be that bitchy boss of a fortune 500 company wearing $3,000 dollar suits while she storms the streets of Manhattan. Other days I see her as a painter in a loft apartment listening to classical music and doing Yoga. I see her as a competitive athlete winning marathons. I see her as a teacher. As a Mom.

Then…sometimes I see her in jail.

Either way – I’m just in awe watching even of her personality traits develop as she grows into her own skin. She cracks me up as often as she infuriates me. She supports me as often as she tears me down. I can imagine knock-down drag-out fights as easily as I can imagine tearful embraces when I look to her teen years.

I’m just doing my best to keep up with her right now.

6 thoughts on “My Little Nerd”

  1. i love this post……the sentiments were captured and written beautifully!

  2. 100% agree with Junkie. This post is AWESOME!!! Love it…Love you…Love Nyoka!!!

  3. Such an adorable ‘do. I love that she requested it and is proud of the look.

  4. Then… sometimes I see her in jail

    If I was drinking something it would’ve come out my nose!! Such sweet words- then BAM jail!

    Taking time to appreciate your kids, and yes, celebrate the NERD in them, is awesome. Keep up the mad parent skillz

  5. Sometimes I see myself in jail because of Evi… That’s sort of the same, right?

    She’s so adorable, and I love that she’s a reader. Evi seems to love books right now too, and I hope it sticks.

  6. I am not even kidding you, this is exactly how I feel about Hannah. I know I say that to you all the time, but it is true. Hannah is one of the most unique people I have ever met and Nyoka definitely is like that too. And I cannot think of one screaming fight we have ever had, so I hope you two are the same way.

    I only wish that Hannah liked to read too. I am one of those people that has to read. I am the only one in my family and it makes me sad to be the only one. So kudos to you for raising not one, but two kids like that.

    If I were you, I’d send the picture to Chris Colfer. You just never know how much that may help him. I am so sad, I cannot imagine what friends and family must be going through.

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