I wrote that last night. I had a really shitty day yesterday and wanted to vent SO BAD on Facebook but then I realized I sounded whiny and ungrateful and tried to reset myself with a funny status instead.

But then I woke up this morning and Donnie pointed out that the box of trophies I picked up on Monday is short three. Our party is Tuesday. Looks like we only paid for 11 (not 14) but since I didn’t know off the top of my head how many girls were on the team, I didn’t catch the mistake back on Monday when I would have had time to order more. I sent a panicked email to the trophy store owner this morning and I’m just praying he can crank out three before our party. I did include the email with all 14 names on it that I sent originally, so my only error was not noticing his error. But still. TUESDAY. BAH. I do not want to deal with three heartbroken girls on Tuesday who don’t get their trophies with the rest of the team.

So, yeah. After that blunder? I WANT TO WHINE, DAMMIT.

This is called a “Stag Beetle” if you need specificity to your nightmares.

Let’s focus on yesterday, although this entire week has been full of technology issues creating huge pains in my ass. But yesterday was the day of ALL THE PROBLEMS. First? Donnie goes to work and sees E’s tire is flat. He tries to put the spare on but notices that is flat too. So, he goes to work and I take the spare to fill up with air. When I’m putting the spare in my van, that bug right there tried to jump in my hair. WHAT IN THE HELL? I finally calm down and head to the gas station to pump some air in the spare tire. I get back, take off the flat tire, and the spare is hissing…losing air. SO! We carry the flat to the used tire place (can NOT afford new tires for anyone right now) and they try to patch it to no avail. They don’t have a used OR new in the right size so they call the store on the other side of town who DOES have it. I get there, they scam me on the price, I come home and put the “new” tire that I paid too much for from jerks who scammed me on E’s car and then kinda notice the tread isn’t even that great.

SIDENOTE DISCLAIMER: Kids are a HUGE distraction. We might catch things or prevent errors earlier if we weren’t making sure our child wasn’t tearing up a store or an office. I should have noticed the trophy error on Monday. I should have fought the asshats scamming me on the price of a shitty tire. I should have simply noticed the shitty tire. But…no. 99% of the time when I’m doing stuff with the kids in tow I’m just trying to get out without them destroying something or causing a scene so I make a whole SHITLOAD of mistakes.

Anyway – SO! He goes to work on his tire that I put on his car.

Donnie and I were going to do BodyPump last night. It was the first time he was able to go and I was super excited for him to see how badass I was. (I’m not joking. I feel like a total beast in that class and I wanted to show off. See? Sometimes my body image is just fine.) Right before the class started the smoke alarm went off at the Y. We spent 30 minutes waiting for the Fire Department to give the All Clear but by then there was not enough time left in the Child Care Gym for use to do the class so we had to come home with no workout. When we get out to the car I have a text from E saying his “new” tire went flat on the drive home and he left his car at a pool in a ritzy neighborhood.


Then this morning the trophies. I’m so done with this week it’s not even funny. And there was tons of other technical shit I was dealing with but nothing like the onslaught of chaos from yesterday.

And this is my blog and I wanted to WHINE, DAMMIT. Somewhere. To Someone. I wanted to whine about my stupid little problems. SO WAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! What the hell? Do I take the flat tire back to the shitty place with the guys who scammed me? It takes FOREVER to take a tire off your car by yourself. And do I leave it on the jack in this ritzy neighborhood while I do that? No, because then someone will knock the car over and it will crush their legs and I’ll have THAT to deal with. So I’ll probably have to tow it. Which is going to cost more money than I have to spare right now and I want to PUNCH SOMEONE.

Anyway…I just really needed to vent. Mainly about the stag beetle. That dude FREAKED ME OUT.

5 thoughts on “THIS. WEEK.”

  1. OH

    Can I just say that if that thing you pictured flew into my HAIR I would pack my bags that day and move somewhere, anywhere, else!

    I sometimes (in Chicago) get jealous when you have pictures of kids in swimsuits long before we are out of jackets and never post about shoveling. It’s June 7th and 61 degrees and rainy for the forecast. We saw our breath this past weekend. I used to complain. NO MORE. We don’t have THAT just flying around with the potential to get in your hair.

    I don’t know that I would ever stop being jumpy in Alabama. I’ve never been, but I’m not in a big hurry now.

    P.S. Sorry you had a bad week.

  2. Boo! Hope the weekend is better. And that the trophy guy gets the urgency and fixes at least that.

  3. I’d buy a cheap donut tire and put that on it so you dont have to tow and then go give the jerks a piece of your mind over the bad tire

  4. I agree with Melaniek about the donut tire, and I too am sorry you are having a crappy week! This is a whine-tolerant space. 🙂

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