When I was in college I had a professor I adored – Mr. Green – and he told us that he wrote every president throughout his kid’s lives so that he would have a unique keepsake for them when he received the generic response on White House stationary. He said he had to write twice for two presidents before getting a response, but that you can count on getting something eventually if you send the White House mail.

So! Over Spring Break I had Nikki write the White House. I thought she’d want to write a letter but she decided to draw them a picture instead. She really wanted to write just Sash and Malia but I encouraged her to make it something for the family since I wasn’t sure if we’d get a response back as dependably if we addressed it to just the daughter’s of the president.

Yesterday? We got our generic response and signed photo! She was SOOOOOO excited! She even took it to softball practice to show everyone. Although she was very disappointed in the lackluster response. “It’s a letter from the PRESIDENT! And no one wanted to see it!”

I’m very happy it worked and I’m hoping I can get Wes to do the same soon. He was very bummed he didn’t have mail from the White House, but not bummed enough to actually send them anything. Just bummed enough to pitch a fit about being left out. I think having a keepsake is important for the kids, just as a little memento to look back on. There are other unique ways to keep their childhood alive such as having a keepsake quilt for kids shirts, school photos and framing their drawings, but this keepsake is something not many children will have.


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  1. That is so cool! I’m going to show Sam and try to get him excited about doing this. Tell Nikki I’d like to see her letter if I wasn’t so far away!

  2. When Christopher was little and was watching Bush being inducted into office he wanted to send him money to help him. He wrote him a letter and sent him two one dollar bills. We got the generic response and signed letter of the president also. He was thrilled also! I haven’t seen it in years. I am sure it is up in his teenage room……somewhere.

  3. You can also get the white house to send cards for major birthdays. At least you used to, as my grandmother got birthday wishes from a couple of different presidents when she turned 80, 85 and 90. Also, you can write to your congress person and they will usually issue a real letter, not just a standard response letter. Their constituencies are much smaller and they generally will dictate or even jot a quick note to someone who writes them showing interest.

  4. When I was in first or second grade, my teacher had the whole class write to the president. I received a really cool magazine type thing of the white house and Mr and Mrs Reagan. It had tons of photos, etc. I loved that thing. I read it over and over. I wish I still had it 🙁 not sure what happened to it.

  5. You know, my big girl wrote a letter to the President as part of a class assignment. No reply yet though 🙁 Good thing I think she forgot about it.

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