Yes. It says “Graduation” on my calendar.


In case you are unaware, my boot camp is four weeks on, one week off. That’s how the schedule works. And when I first realized our week off was going to be the week between Wes and E’s graduation, I thought perfect! But then I ate all of the food in all of the city from stress and now I’m thinking…not so perfect.

Did you see what I did there? So subtly mentioned the one thing I’ve been trying to avoid thinking about? E graduates tomorrow. TOMORROW. And the 19 million things going on in my life for the last two weeks have piled onto that little graduation fact and have turned me into the most Eatingest of all the Stress Eaters in the ENTIRE WORLD, even looking for their Graduation Leis is getting me a little stressed. The things I’ve done to food in my kitchen this week should be recorded in some sort of manual entitled: How To Spot Someone Emotionally Addicted To Food.

It has NOT been pretty.

Add all of those calories on top of no boot camp and you can imagine how I’m feeling about my body. I did run on Tuesday. And I will run this morning. But I’ve done no strength training at all this week. I usually do boot camp 3 times and BODYPUMP twice. This week? I’ve run one time. ONE TIME.

So – not only am I stress eating like there’s no tomorrow, but I’m also not doing the one thing that sometimes helps me relieve stress: Exercising.

And yes, I know this is dumb. Logically I know I need to put down the box of crackers and the tub of peanut butter and do some pushups. But all I can think about is my task list, my out-of-town guests, and my BABY GRADUATING FROM HIGH SCHOOL. WAAAAHHHHH!

But I’m going to run today! And maybe do some simple strength training in the form of this 7-minute workout. It’s not a 60-minute BODYPUMP class, but I think I can find 7 minutes somewhere to do some of this stuff. Then, maybe, when I think about graduation TOMORROW, I won’t go straight for the freezer.

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  1. Hang in there. It’s a big, huge thing you’re dealing with and it’s only one week. You’ll be back to bootcamp before you know it and your body will totally forget this week.

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