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When You Die Can We Get A New Mommy?

DSC_9659bWes is still quite obsessed with death. Lately it’s manifested in a bit of a different way, though. It seems Wes has figured out that he gets some positive attention in the form of hugs and snuggles if he speaks about death in a sad/sweet way. Like, “Momma, I’m going to miss you so much when you die.” He even cries when he says it! How could I do anything other than embrace him and kiss him and rub his feet and his back and whatever THE HELL ELSE HE WANTS when he says something as pitiful as that?

But I can totally tell he’s playing me. I mean – I believe he’s truly sad about the idea. I know the tears are real. But I know he ALSO knows he gets lots of love when he does it, so he pulls those sad thoughts to the surface when he’s in the need for some attention.

Recently he’s even gotten out of bed when he should be sleeping just to come in and say, “I just can’t stop thinking about how much I love you.”


But tonight? He went too far. He found the limit of the power of the Adorbs. He was doing his, “I don’t want you to die! I’ll miss you! I love you so much!” routine with the tears and the huge blue eyes and I was doing exactly what he wants…telling him I loved him and rubbing his back and all sorts of sweet Mommy things.

Then he said, “When you die, can we get a new Mommy? And maybe she’ll let me have a dog for my birthday.”

Don’t be too sad, kid. Jeez.

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  1. That’s awesome! My daughter told me last year (she was 10) that I shouldn’t worry– when I die, she’ll take over the family business and run it for us. She said this with her chin held high and very seriously- as if it were an imminent thing that she would have to take on at any moment. 🙂

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