• Nikki’s love life has become the most important thing in her life this last month or so of school. She had the same boyfriend all year and it wasn’t a big deal and then BAM! they broke up and it’s been a non-stop cycle of breakups/get-together’s since. This note is just the tip of the iceberg.
  • E got his cap and gown (SOB!) but the one-size-fits-all cap does NOT fit. Not only does he have my head, but he’s got more than his fair share of hair. (Say THAT 10 times really fast.) I’m trying to convince him that this minor setback means he can’t go to college in the fall, but he’s not falling for it.
  • Wes said, “I don’t like you!” at least three times on Mother’s Day. I’m just proud he hasn’t reached the, “I hate you!” phase yet. That’s enough of a Mother’s Day gift for me.
  • Re: Mother’s Day. I did not escape the two chores I hate the most: Mowing the lawn and changing the kitty litter. I’m trying my best to not hold on to this and throw it out in every argument from here until next year. “I HAD TO MOW THE GRASS ON MOTHER’S DAY. YOUR ARGUMENT IS INVALID.”
  • The local Farmer’s Markets have started back up and Nikki fell in love with a Tuscan Goat Cheese from one of the booths. She’s been taking it to school with crackers for lunch. I got a call from a Mom last night saying, “I need to know where you got the goat cheese. My son won’t stop talking about how awesome it is.” My daughter is now a dealer of goat cheese…thank you very much.
  • Wes has been regressing lately about needing me to sleep with him at night. It used to be a periodic thing and he was okay with just waiting to see if I slept with him or not. (I don’t regularly sleep in my own bed if you’ll recall.) But lately, before he goes to bed every night, he wants me to PROMISE HIM I’ll come lay down with him eventually. He’s also necessitating leaving the light on every night. AND! AND! AND! He sleeps so lightly that when I do sleep with him, if I get up to go to the bathroom? He wakes up and FREAKS OUT that I’m leaving. All of this, I feel, is not helping his behavior problems. Or MINE for that matter.
  • We hired a new babysitter recently and I took preemptive measures to keep the kids from tricking her by leaving a note. It seemed to work well.
  • Nikki has already started talking about wishing she could shave her legs. This is on top of the boyfriend drama. I don’t know what’s going on at her school but I feel like she must have about 13 girls in her class with older sisters influencing them, with the prevalence of Teenage Girl Issues I feel like we’re already dealing with.


  1. I’m going to have to start dealing with boyfriend issues at seven? Seven? Dear Lord…

  2. I freed the yard of the dog poops on Saturday just so I would not have to do it on Mother’s Day. Preemptive measures had to be taken! 😉

    Ah, my eight year old son has friends that are girls and boys. Apparently a couple of weeks ago, a gang – literally it sounds like 5-6 boys – of boys got in his face for “playing with girls” and teased him till he cried. He was like I do not get why they care and worse yet one was his best friend whom he just thinks the world of. I told him one day they would want to be friends with girls and that he’s just got a jump start on things and not to let the kids seem him bothered by it. His best friend apologized, etc but man the DRAMA that evolves in grade two is like… worse than what I remember in HS. Then again he’s doing multiplication and like graphing which I do not remember learning till much later so maybe our kids are just more advanced then we were?!

    That note is hysterical and the graduation stuff? Too much to handle!

  3. I just want to let you know I have the same 4 year old little boy living in my house.

  4. I too thought your hair looked especially fetching in this pic!

    Also? Sage has had the same little boy as her “boyfriend” for about a year! What happened to the week-long crushes at age 7?

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