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The One With The…Um…Adult Films.

photo(1)If you follow me on Twitter or are local and therefore friends with me on Facebook, you’ll know this story already. But it’s one of those rare incidents in my life that I think are entertaining enough to be written about IN ALL OF THE PLACES.

So! I’m working from home now. Part time (hopefully growing to full-time someday!) web development type work. I was worried at first about how it would go with a kid around most days, but it’s much better than I thought it would be. Turns out – if you put Wes in front of the TV with the Roku remote, he’ll watch Power Rangers all day! Score one for productivity!


Okay. It’s not quite like that. But – I do intentionally schedule him some TV Time where he gets the Roku remote and can navigate his Power Ranger episodes at will while I work. The Roku box is simply a tiny computer that allows us to watch things from our Netflix or Amazon Prime accounts on our Television. The remote only has arrows, an “Ok” button, and a home button. There’s not a lot you can do. Wes just uses the arrows to scroll through all of the Power Rangers episodes that show up on the first page of Netflix. Easy as pie.

Yesterday, I was making him lunch when he came into the kitchen and said something like, “I wanted to watch the Power Rangers movie but I ended up choosing something really inappropriate.”

I went in the bedroom and it turns out he had managed to “Search” for something on Netflix. This is not an easy task due to the simplicity of the remote. You have to scroll through the ABC pad and choose a letter and click “Ok” and then another letter and so on. He had searched for something random like, “&(#hjipdjoiw8(*” and ended up with some foreign adult film that offered subtitles to accompany the s3x scenes. I’m not sure if he clicked on it or not, or how much of it he watched if he did, but it was there on the search results. Right next to 97 million episodes of Power Rangers.

SCORE ONE FOR ME! Wes watched his first p0rn! Woo hoo!

As I said on Facebook, if this doesn’t score me extra AWESOME on Mother’s Day? Then I don’t know what my family’s problem is.

7 thoughts on “The One With The…Um…Adult Films.”

  1. When I read this on Facebook, I almost spit my water and had to laugh out loud. Luckily, we haven’t had that happen with Netflix. The kiddos know how to choose the kids only option and then their favorites are right there so search hasn’t been explored yet.

    Outside of Netflix, we did almost have a p0rn issue a few weeks ago. We recently changed our cable company and with that came a few months of premium movie channels. One night we fell asleep to some regular movie and woke up about 5:00 in the morning to a full on p0rn going on! Luckily neither one of our kiddos happened to come in to our room that night but we have definitely learned our lesson to put on the sleep timer if we’re going to fall asleep with the TV on. Apparently p0rn now plays into the early morning hours! He he.

  2. Better to learn these things at home, I always say. At least I say it when a similar thing happened to me….

  3. Oh man, I so relate to this post (sub Amazon search for Netflix and a slightly older kid, though.) Ah, parenthood! Thanks for the bellylaugh!

  4. That is hilarious. Hey, he came and told you about it, so you must be doing SOMETHING right. Happy Mother’s Day!

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