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The Perfect Mother’s Day


  • I would wake up in my bed cuddling with my two small children. My adult child would bring me coffee made exactly how I like it, along with my laptop so I could Facebook about the perfect coffee he made me. Someone would do the vacuuming and change the kitty litter for me for the day.
  • I would read a little on my Kindle while someone showered for me because I hate showering.
  • I would catch up on some TV from the week while drinking more perfect coffee made by someone other than me. The other someones would play with my hair and rub my feet. I would instagram a picture of my hair afterwards.
  • My husband would go for a run with me when he would actually stay at my pace so we could talk and he wouldn’t complain about how slow I was. He would proudly post about how wonderful of a Mother his wife was on Facebook alongside a picture of us after the run. He would also mention that his wife was REALLY FAST and he could barely keep up with her. After the run, my husband would mow the grass for me (for the first time of the season – I might add) and then openly proclaim about how awesome I am to typically mow the grass.
  • Someone would shower for me again after my run because – again – I hate showering. And on the perfect Mother’s Day – showering for someone would be a possibility. (It’s no more fantasy than the idea that my family would play with my hair and rub my feet while I watched TV.)
  • We would all pile in the car to go eat breakfast at the Mexican restaurant down the road that serves the best breakfast in the world. It would be calorie-free.
  • Someone would make sure all of the grocery shopping was done for the next few days. My diet coke supply would be stocked.
  • We would then all go to see Iron Man 3 and I would eat all of the buttered popcorn and peanut butter M&Ms and nachos & cheese that my stomach could handle. It would be calorie-free. I would check-in on Facebook with a picture of us all seated in the theater next to each other. We would each have our own popcorn because no one likes how much popcorn salt I put on mine.
  • After we watched the movie would would go to one of my favorite outdoor locations in town where my perfectly groomed children would let me photograph them to my heart’s content. They would smile angelically and stay clean the entire time. When I instagrammed those pictures they’d get a million likes because — Come on? Who doesn’t like Harry Styles.
  • We would make a trip to the Space and Rocket Center where everyone would act as fascinated by the museum exhibits as I am. They would buy me something dorky and space related that I could wear around town the rest of the day. Maybe a space suit!
  • We would go to Dinner at my favorite restaurant – Anaheim Chili – where everything I ate would be calorie-free. I would Facebook a picture of the Chili Cheese fries alongside a note that no one was allowed to touch them until I was done. That’s the rule on Mother’s Day.
  • We would all pile in bed – ALL OF US – and watch a movie together when we got home. A movie of MY choice. They would take turns playing with my hair and rubbing my feet. They would make sure all of the laundry and dishes were done for the day so I wouldn’t spend my last hours before bed doing housework. I would write a blog entry about how awesome they all are.
  • After everyone was asleep I would get up and re-do all of the housework they did for me during the day. Because, let’s face it, no one does it like Mom does.

9 thoughts on “The Perfect Mother’s Day”

  1. i like the way you think 🙂 sounds like a pretty good mothers day to me!

  2. That is the most perfect Mother’s Day ever!!! I hope it all happens for you, you deserve it!

  3. That sounds like a great day! I’m sure you’ll get it!

    And if you read Gulp, you’ll know a lot more about how much candy and popcorn and nachos your stomach can hold…

  4. I love your description of the day! 🙂

    Oh and I am glad that I’m not the only one that hates showering – what a pain!

  5. Sound like my ideal mothers day, except for the showering. I love taking a shower, but i would like someone to proffesionally blow dry my hair afterwards, because i hate doing it myself or have wet hair for a long time.

  6. Fantastic list! Where is there a Mexican restaurant in North AL that has breakfast?! I severely miss Mexican Brunch from when I lived in DC.

  7. Maryellen – It’s Little Rosie’s and it’s an offshoot of Rosie’s which is in Huntsville and Florence, not sure about anywhere else. Little Rosie’s is smaller (obviously) and has a drive-thru but has GREAT breakfast! It’s on the corner of Airport Rd. and Whitesburg if you’re familiar with Huntsville!

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