All Hail Super Mom And Her Magic Powers Of…Cutting?

Sometimes you do things as a parent which you think deserves accolades and celebration. Most of the times those things get ignored.

Other times you do normal things and your kids FREAK THE HELL OUT like you’re a magician from another realm with super-human powers.

For example – a few weeks ago my boot camp instructor invited us all to march in the St. Patrick’s day parade. When I told the kids that we were going to get to be in a parade? They had individual meltdowns of excitement. They thought I was joking! I mean – there’s NO WAY we get to be in a parade…right? SURELY Mom is JOKING! Right? SHE’S NOT? WHAT? WE GET TO BE IN A PARADE?!?!

Last night I impressed them just as much when I…brace yourself…turned their blue jeans into shorts!

Nikki’s school has a Length Of Shorts policy that they enforce even with the First Graders. Now that it’s warm, they reminded the kids of it yesterday. Her shorts are not generally long enough so I told her we’d just turn her blue jeans (several of which ended the winter with HUGE holes in the knees) into shorts of the right length. Not only was she AMAZED at the BRILLIANT idea that I had, but when I cut the pants off and she put them on? She could not believe how cute they looked!

“Mom! Look a them! They’re awesome! I LOOK SO CUTE!”

While Wesley wasn’t quite as thrilled, he was the expected level of impressed.

“Cool. Can I watch some TV now?”

Nikki – on the other hand – was jumping up and down and screaming and hugging her brother squealing about how excited she was about her new shorts.


I took that picture during her enthusiastic freak-out. She kept thanking me and telling me I was the “Best Mom Ever”! She couldn’t stop hugging her brother. ALL BECAUSE I CUT THE LEGS OFF HER BLUE JEANS. Not because I took care of her when she was sick, or helped her with her homework, or went to her double-header. Nope. I cut off 6 inches of denim. And now I’m her hero.

Parenting is weird.

2 thoughts on “All Hail Super Mom And Her Magic Powers Of…Cutting?”

  1. Why is it impossible to find shorts that meet dress codes, or — since my kid isn’t in school yet — just don’t make her look like a tiny streetwalker? What is UP with kids’ clothes these days?

    She does look so cute, and you are Super Mom. And parenting is reeeeeally weird. Keeps it interesting, I guess?

  2. I love it – and the cutoffs ARE pretty cute.
    Mine were totally impressed I could make an airplane… out of PAPER! Mind. Blown.

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