Let Us Toast To The New Normal

My New Office, Spring Break Mom/Kid Boot Camp, and a Half-Marathon! WOOT. WOOT.
My New Office, Spring Break Mom/Kid Boot Camp, and a Half-Marathon! WOOT. WOOT.
To say last week was a bit insane is a HUGE understatement. Not only was I trying to start working from home while my kids were out of school on Spring Break (read about that challenge here), but Donnie was also out of town on a business trip. The week was exhausting both physically (I had extra boot camp sessions with my kids for a “Spring Break Boot Camp” that we signed up for) and emotionally (Single Moms do NOT get enough rest).

He came back Friday night and then I had to be up early Saturday to run 20 miles, 13 of which were part of a semi-local inaugural half-marathon. And then we had an Easter Egg hunt. And then date night.

And then Kim died from exhaustion.

I am actually writing this from the great beyond. Here are the answers to the questions you’ve been pondering you’re entire life:

  • Mork from Ork killed JFK and the Black Dahlia.
  • Boats go missing in the Bermuda Triangle because it’s a magical portal that delivers the occupants to Hogwarts. They’re all very happy there. Stop worrying about them.
  • The moon is actually made of cheese. The government is trying to hide this from us because, well, we all love cheese. It’s a total no-brainer that we’d find a way to eat it (With Nachos! MOON NACHOS.) and totally screw up the Tides and the rotation of the planet causing the demise of our life as we know it. DON’T MAKE ME REGRET HAVING TOLD YOU ABOUT THE MOON CHEESE.

Anyway. So I was tired. Long week. Killer Saturday. Today I’m hoping to catch up on a few things (PLEASE LET THERE BE A GROCERY STORE OPEN ON EASTER SUNDAY) that I’ve gotten behind on in hopes to start this week off on some sort of level, even footing. I’m looking forward to fine-tuning the Work From Home routine and looking forward to getting back into a normal rhythm.

I am NOT looking forward to sharing the bed again. Donnie and I have such opposite sleep habits and patterns that this week totally spoiled me. I mean, I love my husband, but if there were two people least cut out for sharing a bedroom? It’s us.

Here’s to the new normal! And hoping my husband never finds out I ate ice cream in bed while he was gone!

2 thoughts on “Let Us Toast To The New Normal”

  1. Mork from Ork killed JFK! Ha ha! And I saw somewhere (Twitter maybe?) that Santa is a half-blood who disapparates everywhere he needs to go, and his elves are really house-elves. Seems legit, right? Also I feel compeleld to say, your short hair? Super cute!

  2. I work from home, too, and this is our Spring Break week. Plus my son was sick the last half of last week so he missed school and added on to the days he has off.

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