Testing The Waters In The Middle Of A Hurricane

I’ve had some work come my way, a type of freelance web development situation that will keep me from crying myself to sleep every night! YAY!

The downside is that this work came my way during the worst week possible: SPRING BREAK.

I was a bit desperate to get some work done so I basically gave Nikki and Wes the run of the house while I locked myself in my bedroom (the WiFi signal in my actual office is a bit untrustworthy right now) and hoped for the best.

photo 1

This is how Wes came in and talked to me at one point in time. That bar in his hand? A towel rod from the upstairs bathroom. He and his sister both had one. Eventually they would both end up covered in packing tape.


Of course, I’m not sure that is any worse than what Wes showed up wearing after his bath when I insisted he dress himself.

photo 3(1)

Yes. It was snowing a bit today. Definitely below freezing at times. Yes. He’s wearing shorts and short sleeves. BUT HE HAS TALL SOCKS ON. Jeez. Get a grip.

When I would periodically leave my bedroom to feed the kids or put out a fire, I refused to look anywhere but at the ground in front of me as I walked to where I needed to walk. I didn’t look behind doors or in rooms, I just ignored everything outside of the necessary area that I needed to occupy to complete my task.

Finally, at the end of the day, I put on my big girl panties and explored the blast zone.

photo 2

That’s the destruction in FOUR DIFFERENT ROOMS. I mean, this level of chaos is an acceptable condition in the playroom. Or even the periodic bedroom. But in both bedrooms, the playroom, AND MY SITTING ROOM?

Of course – that’s not the only failure of the day. I also ate about 4000 calories just trying to figure out some widgets. You know I cope with stress by eating, right? Well – I come with roadblocks in web design by eating as well. It’s like some sort of brain fuel. The more bloated I feel, the better I can hack a content management system.

I know…go figure.

So! Between the disaster area that is my house and the gluttonous feeding frenzy of the day, I’d say I have a lot of work to do on mastering the “Working From Home” situation. I’m hoping this pans out to be a bigger thing, so I really need to figure out some tricks of the trade.

Like…I think I’m going to invest in some deadbolts. Now – will I use them to padlock the fridge, or my children in their rooms – that’s all for you to decide.

6 thoughts on “Testing The Waters In The Middle Of A Hurricane”

  1. Oh!

    Well, this might sound strange but at least it looks like CLEAN clutter! Did you make them pick up after themselves?

  2. Thank you for sharing this story! I am in the midst of a big project myself and Spring Break is next week (I have two little boys). I am feeling very overwhelmed and hopped onto your blog wondering what you might do in that situation. Perfect timing! You are really hilarious and so down to earth. Thank you for sharing your life! 🙂

  3. Working from home: We have our router in our office and I have a docking station with a line going directly from it into the router. My company’s tech support laughs at me about this, but it works the best way for me vs. using our home’s wireless. I take my laptop to work and back home. My docking station also connects to a keyboard, mouse, and monitor. This way, I’m comfortable and I can move my laptop between my two work spaces very quickly.

    Working with kids around: I’ve had vacation days where I’ve had the kids home and get called about an issue. I hate that. HATE that, because it causes me to be torn between the two parts of my life. The big thing is that it adds so much stress to me, by me.

    Good luck on the job search.

  4. That is kind of how my house looks a lot of the time. Anytime we are home. Then they will grow up. And I will miss the mess. I say go with it. (and follow my rule of enjoying a messy house – no food outside of the kitchen or dining area.)

  5. Um…

    Haven’t seen you in a few days.

    Should we be worried that the natives got a bit TOO restless?


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