The Aftermath – Why Runners Are Not Sexy

I took this picture at the 41+, 9:30 mark. I was still smiling, which I think is the utmost testament to the awesomeness of the day.
I took this picture at the 41+, 9:30 mark. I was still smiling, which I think is the utmost testament to the awesomeness of the day.
It’s been one week since I ran 40+ miles and I thought I’d report back on the aftermath about what running that much does to a person’s body. Beside make them SO VERY HUNGRY. I can not even begin to tell you what happened to me on Monday. I was overcome with this ravenous hunger that I could not satiate. It’s a good thing there weren’t any small children around, I don’t think I could have guaranteed their safety from my belly.

First off – I ran/walked 5 miles on Sunday at the strict insistence of running friends wiser than I am. And I think that has made ALL of the difference. I wasn’t even too sore! A little stiff, maybe, and definitely tired, but considering how many miles I ran? I’ve been more sore after boot camp. I think that’s partly due to running some on Sunday and partly due to running those 40+ miles slowly. Once you start increasing distance and goals in running, you learn that your body reacts completely differently to fast runs and slow runs. A fast run for 30 minutes will make me much more sore than a slow run for 9+ hours. Seriously. If I “race” a 5K for time? I’ll definitely be more achey than I was after my all-day slow run. It’s weird how that works, but is really beneficial if you want an excuse to run slowly. It makes me less sore!

However…I ended up with blisters in a few new places on the day of the run. I get blisters in the standard places repeatedly, but they rarely hurt because the skin is so calloused. But I got blisters on Saturday in the weird tender skin on the ball of my feet right below my toes. Since that skin is not calloused, those blisters hurt terribly and were the main reason why I quit running at 10 hours and didn’t finish the 12. They hurt and then they popped – making them hurt even more. And in reality? They were still hurting Wednesday. Yesterday is probably the first day they weren’t hurting.

I also think I’m going to lose another toenail. I’m randomly prone to this, and it’s hard to pinpoint as I do a good job with all of the preventative measures (cutting nails, wearing the right size shoes) and it helps most of the time. But then – some random run will do me in. Last year? I ended up losing the big toenail on my right foot…AFTER A 10K. Not a marathon. Not a 50K. A 10K that I had run dozens of times before. It was very weird.

That nail is finally back and almost normal, but after Saturday I can now tell I’m going to lose the big toenail on the other foot. I had blisters under that nail and I did pop and drain them, but probably not soon enough. I’m never sure the best way to deal with those situations as it took about 24 hours before it started hurting, so I think by the time you realize there is a blister under there pushing the nail off the bed, it’s probably too late to save the nail.

And now it hurts like a mother trucker. Which is par for the course. I’m turning out to be quite the expert in hurt toenails. Which is probably why my running group nick-named me “Zombie Toes”.

I didn’t have any problems with chaffing except for the very top line of my sports bra. And those spots are a bit bad. And yesterday? The scabs came off in the shower and I started bleeding. Bleeding boobs are NOT sexy, in case you were wondering. And now I have bandaids on them and they kind of itch. Itching boobs are not sexy either. If you want some examples of what is sexy read more at a porn comparison site.

Actually? Now that I think about it? Running is not sexy at all. Look at this entry: Blisters, Black Toenails, Bleeding Boobs…is there anything sexy about any of this? Nope, not m porn xxx material at all!

But all in all? I’m still much better off than I thought I’d be. I’ve run 13 miles since Saturday. I’ve done one boot camp, one Body Pump class, and one Density Training workout at home. I’ve not been out for hardly anything, even with the aftermath of blisters and hurt toenails. I still believe this 12-hour run in March will be something I just do every year. It was a wonderful experience the day of, and the aftermath hasn’t been too bad. Unless you’re trying to find a date. Which – thank god – I’m not.

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  1. If I haven’t told you before enough times, you are amazing. Last week, my husband got tired of me referring to “the runner/blogger girl from my high school” because I said I was so amazed that you were running for 12 hours. He said, “please just run a marathon so that you can get it out of your system.” I’ve been dealing with black toenails for awhile now but not sure I’m ready for both itchy and bloody boobs. We’ll see! I’m not totally sure yet…but if I do, you’ve definitely been in the back of my mind, motivating me.

  2. Ow my, i have so much respect for you. Considering that i think every excuse is a good one not to go running, i would never be able to do what you do, running with blisters and all. Bleeding boobs? I’m never going to take another step…

  3. You’re my hero, and I mean that in a very sincere way. I can hardly run a half marathon, and here you are running 40+ miles in only 10 hours. A-freaking-mazing. Also, Anbesol is phenomenal for blisters. I know it’s for tooth and mouth pain, but it’s a topical anesthetic and works wonders for blisters, cracked bleeding skin, and ridiculously painful things like paper cuts. Trust me, your feet will love you for it!

  4. You rock! I think this is the first running post that grossed me out. Saying alot 🙂 Something about blister under the toenail just AHKAHFFKHSFIDHDH! That must hurt so bad!!! Take care keep rocking!

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