Worst. Case. Scenario.


Warning: If you are a male, this entry borderlines on the “Too Much Information” line of writing. But, if you’re a male runner? You should read it JUST so you know what we women have to deal with.

Every woman who runs has to sometimes deal with the possibility of running during the worst time of month. If you have any sort of reproductive issues that cause more intense bleeding or cramps (like yours truly) then the worst time of month can – quite possibly – make planning a long run near impossible as you have to take breaks every hour or so to deal with…um…business.

We all have that ONE bad day that we try to avoid. I’ve actually only had to run on that ONE day once and I came to an interesting conclusion.

If it weren’t for having to tend to business every hour or two, I could run FOREVER on that day every month because, while I’m running, all of my pain subsides. That one day? I had to stop to walk and deal with business and in that short time my cramps started back up so I could not wait to start running again. I even told my friend, “I could probably run for 12 hours just to avoid my cramps.”


My worst fears seem to have manifested this weekend. It looks like tomorrow is going to be my worst possible day to run in terms of my monthly cycle. And I’ll be running for twelve hours. And while I’ll get to test the theory of being able to run that long just to stop my cramps, I will also have to deal with business during the entire run which is going to make me want to PUNCH MYSELF IN THE FACE.

I’m hoping to make it two hours between each stop. In my normal life, that day is a One Hour Tops Between Bathroom Breaks kind of day. I usually bring a change of clothes in my car in case I wait too long. My bad days? ARE SUPER-BAD. But when I run things slow down slightly. So, if I can make it two hours between each stop? It will be tolerable.

But still…I HAVE TO DEAL WITH THAT DURING A 12-HOUR RUN. Like I don’t have enough to worry about in terms of chaffing and nutrition and blisters and MILES ON MY POOR LEGS. Nope, now I’ll have to worry about RUNNING OUT OF TAMPONS.

Basically – if I make it to the end of this 12-hour run tomorrow? I’m going to make an attachment to my finisher’s prize denoting my mileage and that attachment will say: WHILE MENSTRUATING. Because as someone who has endometriosis, fibroids, and the occasional ovarian cyst? My monthly cycle is a big enough pain just all on it’s own. If I manage my first ever 12-hour run during the worst day of that cycle? I should get a second medal of womanhood.

Keep me (and my uterus) in your thoughts tomorrow. As usual, I’ll try to post updates through Instagram because they’ll go to Facebook and Twitter as well. I will avoid updating you on the status of my reproductive system, however. Just know that if I throw out curse words in with the updates? Then things are NOT going well.

12 thoughts on “Worst. Case. Scenario.”

  1. “You’re a bloody rockstar!!” – said in my best British accent possible!!! Hahahaha! Go kick this race in the face! Love you bunches!

  2. Forced breaks! Never a bad thing, right? 🙂
    I totally agree that running on your crampiest days is better than curling up in a ball. I only *wish* I had your stamina so that I could do it for more than an hour or so!
    Go guuuurl!

  3. I am with you I had my worst day yesterday and while I didn’t have a run scheduled I had a busy day of volunteering and meetings etc and all I kept thinking was sometimes an hour in between bathroom breaks is TOO DARN LONG (and I ALWAYS wear two forms of protection and STILL, I was so scared during my zumba class!) I have no conditions causing me such issues, but I bleed enough that I am now on dreaded make me feel ill all the time super doses of iron for anemia. Hugs to you, hope it slows down enough that you can enjoy the run

  4. PS Have you ever tried the keeper or the diva cup? I tried it and many of my friends did EVERYONE but me can get it to work, I am wondering if its because I am all kinds of tilted that I cant… but those who use them say they are life changing!

  5. I cannot for the life of me get the Diva cup to work, but I have had luck with the Instead Softcups. Only downside is that if you’re really heavy, you still have to change them fairly often (less than tampons) and it can get messy. Email me if you want all the gross details. But, that might buy you a couple more hours — get you a four hour stretch instead of two.

  6. Oh honey! You are completely full of awesome and bravery and stuff. When I have my period (and I do! right now! yaaay) it’s nowhere NEAR as bad as yours but I still only want to curl up with a heating pad and lots of Midol.

  7. You are a rockstar! And this makes me really glad I didn’t start running until after my hysterectomy 🙂

  8. Try the diva cup. You do not have to deal with it as often. It does take a little practice but well worth it.

  9. This makes me feel better, of all the others who I know who tried Diva Cup, I am the only failure… and I so badly wanted it to work!

  10. When you get to the point where you are no longer are going to have any more kids, if you are a candidate for it…Endometrial Ablation. I had it last year and I wish I had gotten it years ago. 5-7 days with the first day having to have a bathroom break less than every hour turned into three days of barely needing panty liners.

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