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This Is Your Brain On A Musical.

This is what 4'ish hours of sleep looks like.
This is what 4’ish hours of sleep looks like.

West Side Story opens tomorrow. This means that I have only gone to bed ONE NIGHT in the last week before 9pm. And 9pm is my late bedtime since I get up at 4am. Last night? I heard the alarm on my watch go off at midnight. Which I didn’t know it did.


I do not exaggerate when I tell you that my body is weirdly scheduled for a morning wakeup call no matter WHAT the circumstances are.

I should get to bed a little earlier tonight as the kids have an early call in the morning (that’s theatre talk for “they have to be there early” – I like to throw out the theatre lingo every chance I get) so the will have a quick dress rehearsal tonight and get to bed early.

The Producer in these type of parent-volunteer shows is mainly The Person Who Organizes And Emails. I have no actual skills like our parents who sew or paint. However, I’m certain I have the weirdest assortment of tasks and experiences of all of the volunteers. To demonstrate?

  • I have two mannequins in pieces in the back of my van.
  • I ordered a top hat from a local tux show yesterday.
  • Today I have to get 20 pairs of tan socks.
  • Last night I was discussing stinky bandanas and possible solutions.
  • I referred to a friend of mine as the “Tattoo Lady” yesterday.
  • I found myself discussing the difference in candy buying that will occur between the West Side Story audience and last month’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory audience.
  • At one point in time I found myself thinking yesterday during the dress rehearsal: I can’t pin this strap to this bra because my hands are sticky from hair gel.

Basically? The producer organizes, emails, and fills in wherever they need to since they are at most of the rehearsals. And my “fill-in” capabilities are limited due to the aforementioned lack of real skills.

But what I’m awesome at? Is still getting up at 4am and dragging myself to boot camp after going to bed at midnight. Which is what I’m doing today. I’m behind on blogging and tumbling and tweeting and facebooking, but god forbid I miss one day of bootcamp!

All in all? It’s still so much fun and I wish this was an actual skill and they’d ask me to come back again next year. But it’s time to pass the torch on to another soon-to-be sleep-deprived parent.

(P.S. I’m tired. Please excuse any and all spelling/grammar/language errors. You’re lucky I’m even making it out the door wearing anything other than my jammies, my brain is that fried.)

5 thoughts on “This Is Your Brain On A Musical.”

  1. i second that! i am so in love w/ the cut! you have inspired me, and i think i’m going to have to whack mine off at my next appt! you are too stinkin’ cute!!

  2. You are amazing. And we at boot camp are in awe of all that you do, ESPECIALLY showing up in the early am after a late theater night!!

  3. Have you tried to wash the bandanas in with a cup of vinegar? Should take the stink out, right? (I mean it works on our nasty dog towels and cloth diapers, so I believe it’s kinda magic.)

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