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I don’t know how often I talk about it on here, but my husband is a kickass triathlete. He started it 3+ years ago and is now coaching a Tri 201 class through our local Fleet Feet. Triathlons are his jam.

He’s been trying to get me to give them a tri (pun intended, and overused in this entry) but I have refused for several reasons. The most important being:

1) I’m not sure if I technically “know how to ride a bike”
2) I dislike swimming because I kinda freak out when I can’t touch the bottom and I don’t do open water.
3) I don’t handle stress like “transition areas” well.

But Donnie just kept on about it as my running became more and more solid. And I understood! I talked him into doing ultras with me this year! But all that required was more running, not learning actual new skills.

Eventually, I gave in. I made him a deal and said I’d sign up for the beginner’s triathlon class at Fleet Feet and do one triathlon that occurs IN A POOL.

Tonight is our kickoff meeting and I am in such denial that this is happening that I:
1) Haven’t even looked at the bike I’m borrowing from my sister-in-law
2) Haven’t bought any sort of swimming gear
3) Haven’t registered for the actual triathlon I’m supposed to be doing.

Here’s the thing, I’m very in tune with my anxieties. I don’t take left turns when I can avoid them because the stress of someone on the road near me wanting me to go when I was not comfortable going, is enough to give me nightmares. Therefore, clogging up a swim lane or the road because I’m going slow IS THE WORST THING I COULD POSSIBLY IMAGINE.

I honest-to-god have no hope that I’ll enjoy this triathlon. I think I’ll cross the finish line crying over the stress and never want to do it again. I’m going to be open-minded, but my anxieties are VERY REAL and even just thinking about doing a triathlon brings them to the surface.

But I promised my husband I’d do it once. So I will. Race day is June 22nd. As long as I survive and finish, my husband can never bug me about doing another one ever again.

And then I can stick to my easy challenges like the 12-hour run I have in two weeks.

(What the WHAT?)

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  1. Just think……by the time you do the triathlon, you’ll look back at this post and laugh about how anxious you were over it. 🙂

  2. Just did our local (time based) indoor.

    It is just another thing to train for and do. It is pleasant and if you aren’t craving a win (and you seem to want experience more than winning) it is just fun.

    I hope you have a good time.

  3. How awesome! I did my first triathlon last year, and went on to do two more! I also did 2 Duathlons. I love the multisport. I am not a strong runner, but much stronger on a bike. Swimming is NOT my thing STILL! Just so you know my first Triathlon I wound up walking most of the run because I am not a runner and still carry 30 lbs extra weight so by the run I was spent… I didn’t even care I was so proud of that accomplishment. It’s an AMAZING feeling to finish a triathlon and I really didn’t think I would like it either, but I LOVED IT! This year it is really all I am going to do with a few duathlons as well. I will say that its awesome because training for all three events helps keep you from injuries or so I have found. I struggle with shin splints pretty bad, they get worse the more I run, I have learned to deal with them by never running two days in a row, its too hard on them, but with a break between runs I can run find without issues. I don’t have to stress about not getting those runs in because I ride my bike (or spin class) on the other days. And when I am exhausted, swimming is the BEST exercise. I suck at it lol I keep trying to do it better but I am a self taught and its really a joke, but I know I burn calories and I am not in this to win anything but my health, I know practice makes perfect and after a swim I feel so absolutely amazing! Good luck to you, sorry this is so long I just love this sport! 🙂

  4. I have done two, and I LOVE them. Granted, mine were mini-sprints, and one was women only, and there were only about 90 women who did it, and some of the women never got their hair wet in the pool, another got off her bike and walked up a hill… I was super intimidated before hand, but this was nothing to be intimidated by. At all.
    I trained with some (I thought) chill ladies. Then 3/5 of them placed in their age groups and overall, and it turned out they were competitive.
    I have done lots of long distance running events, and with those I’m like “I have to run for two hours today” and it seems like a big deal. With the tri, my training is more “30 min on a bike, followed by a 20 min run.” And I love it. And swimming in a pool is FUN once you get used to it. Really therapeutic, mentally & physically. Can’t wait to do another one.

  5. I think trying a new thing is exhilaratingly fantastic, and I applaud you for it.

    Here’s something to consider, though: if you have already made up your mind that you will hate this experience, then it is likely that will be what happens. Saying you have “no hope” you’ll enjoy it but are going to keep an open mind, isn’t really keeping an open mind. Sometimes switching the verbiage in our heads ever so slightly can pack a huge punch. Maybe you say, “I typically don’t enjoy this kind of thing, but I’m willing to surprise myself.” I, too, am very in touch with my insecurities and such, and one of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever gotten is, “You will always experience what you choose to believe.” I invite you to choose to believe it will be way more amazing than you initially anticipated.

    Good luck training! Something tells me you’ll crush it.

  6. Do it WOMAN.

    You are bad to the bone and will rock it I am sure.

    My first feat was a marathon, then a half and another full mary before I jumped on the tri-wagon. I have only done 2 sprint distance ones but it is incredible, nerve wracking but if you are having a bad swimming day, you get to look forward to your bike time or run time. The thing that I enjoyed was the mental olympics that went on throughout the event, it kept me engaged when my legs were SCREAMING as I pedaled along.

    Good Luck!!!!!

  7. Ooooo. I really like what Alex said above:
    “I typically don’t enjoy this kind of thing, but I’m willing to surprise myself.” I, too, am very in touch with my insecurities and such, and one of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever gotten is, “You will always experience what you choose to believe.”

    Go for it Kim. You’ll do amazing. Remember, you think about yourself so much more than anyone else does. They’re as much in their heads as you are, so they can’t spend much head space on you.

  8. This is awesome of you. I’ve toyed with the idea of doing a mini, but my fear is just that I’m not strong enough overall.

    Also? Mega left turn avoider, here, too. Heh.

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