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Final Curtain.


I have written and re-written this entry 100 times. I give up. I can not, in any way, form my thoughts into any sort of entry that is either A) Entertaining or B) Coherently Sentinmental. Instead – they all come out something like…MAH BABEE! WAAAAH! jkdl;jsaklfdjkls;jaf!

So! Instead, let’s be brief and to the point.

Tomorrow night, Eliah will take his final bow on the main stage at his high school. This closes out what has been my favorite part of my parenting experience with him up to this moment. I can’t put into words how much I’ve loved this journey, and how grateful I’ve been that he let me go on it with him. I’ve made friends I hope to keep for life, and memories that will stay in my heart forever. And it’s been fun and I’ve experienced it all with him. I wouldn’t trade these four years in his high school theatre department for anything. And I’m grateful he let me tag-along.


AND NOT JUST ME! The kids got to be in TWO of his shows! Donnie built sets! This has been an adventure for our entire family. And now it’s over!

WAAAAAAHHHH!!! MAH BABEE! WAAAAH! jkdl;jsaklfdjkls;jaf!

(Crap. I really hoped to prevent that from happening. Sorry.)

6 thoughts on “Final Curtain.”

  1. I just read this entry out loud to Chris and we loved it and laughed cause you are so funny!! I’m so glad that as I write this Chris is packing his bags to head your way. Although Jack and I are not going to be there we are sending lots of love and hugs. Break a freaking leg!!! Love you all bunches!!!

  2. SO AWESOME. You are so lucky to have such an awesome son! I was a choir/theater type kid in HS too and I have two sons and will most definitely hope that at least 1 of them gets into that sort of thing. He will go far in college!!!

  3. Those are some amazing pictures of E up there.

    Also, thanks for documenting this journey. Mine are still young, and it’s reminded me how important it is to have a passion in the high school years. I did, my parents were involved, and it brought us closer. I hope to encourage the same for my kids.

  4. THIS is what I LOVE about high school theatre! Parents are encouraged to join in and when they do? Their kids become the cool kids. It’s totally opposite of what you would think. I’m so glad the two of you got to have this experience. It made me closer to my mom and I love and appreciate all she did even more now than I did then.

  5. I read this the first time on a feed reader that didn’t give me all the pictures. That is a pretty impressive set! Hopefully he’ll be onstage at (eek) college soon!

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