Grover, Tampons, Haircuts…OH MY.

I’m Too Pitiful For Words.
Crazy Week. Crazy Month. Chaos Abounds. I haven’t hit my running deadline for the month and it’s the last day. This is STRESSING ME OUT. I’ve got deadlines and piles of dirty laundry and uncooked food and dirty litter boxes.

(The first time I typed that last sentence it said, “Uncooked dirty litter boxes.” YUM!)

So! We’re cheating in the blog department and throwing out some bullet points! YAY FOR BULLETS!

  • Sweetie is our ONLY dog now and that’s made her a bit clingier than usual. I don’t think we could handle another dog right now, but I do feel bad for her. Anyone had a dog be suddenly alone after a lifetime of companionship? Do they make puppy prozac for those situations?
  • Even though I’ve gotten better about my social anxieties, I’m still a mess when I run into people out in public. I used to avoid people I knew, now I get over-excited about seeing them. I wave WAY too enthusiastically and then just start babbling about whatever was in my head the moment I saw them. LIKE TAMPON COMMERCIALS. (Yes. I talked about that to someone I ran into a Publix.) IT NEVER ENDS WELL. Luckily, I make it widely known that I’m socially inept so no one expects anything better from me.
  • I’m chopping all my hair off tomorrow. Maggie linked a picture of St. Vincent that is more-or-less what I’ve been thinking about in terms of a short hair cut for YEARS. I’m taking the picture with me and we’ll see what happens!
  • I asked for local recommendations of hair people and I went for the one that someone said, “She likes YA fiction,” because – you know – when shopping for a stylist that should be at the top of the MUST HAVES list.
  • Did you see that yesterday Grover took over Twitter and reenacted my favorite childhood book? SO COOL.
  • Also in self-linking: I added more updates to my post about “The Lizzie Bennet” diaries. SHIT WENT DOWN yesterday. And not the kind of shit Austen wrote about – I CAN TELL YOU THAT FOR SURE.
  • Donnie has been monitoring his foot FOOD (I make that typo ALL THE TIME.) intake trying to lose the few pounds he gained over the holidays in order to prep for Tri season. It’s so easy for him that it’s making ME eat MORE because I’m so disappointed that I’ve been trying for years to do what he sits down and just DECIDES TO DO…and DOES IT. Anyone else do that? Stress eat MORE because someone near them is dieting successfully? No? Just me then?
  • I’ve been wearing eye-liner and mascara lately. On some days. This is probably the most “regular” I’ve ever been about wearing makeup. I’ve been doing it relatively consistently for about a month now. And still…STILL…I forget and rub my eyes when I’m tired. And I never realize the mess I’ve made of my face until AFTER the next trip to the bathroom. Let’s hope this never happens when I run into someone I know at Target. Then the spontaneous chat about feminine hygiene products will seem even WEIRDER.

15 thoughts on “Grover, Tampons, Haircuts…OH MY.”

  1. Aww, Heather got to you first. Had to chuckle at Donnie’s foot intake. Seems like you are always mentioning times it’s *your* foot in your mouth. LOL

    You and I sound so much alike. I am not great in social situations. My husband says I have no filters. I try, but somehow it just doesn’t always work. Maybe that’s why we did so well at Bill Penney. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Love the hairstyle and can’t wait to see pictures!

    Back to Donnie’s foot intake. My husband is JUST like that. And it is infuriating. He stopped all soda and caffeine all at once. And talks about how much better he feels not drinking soda. I gave soda up for Lent last year and couldn’t tell a dang bit of difference. Grrr.

  2. I cannot recommend Blinc mascara highly enough. I am like you and rub my eyes when I’m tired, but this sure as shit stats on until you WASH it off. They have an eyeliner line too that promises the same thing, but I haven’t tried it.

  3. YES! I have pretty much the exact same hair as you, and that cut works GREAT with my hair. I’ve grown it out a little longer than that picture, and it still works just as well. I’m an eyeliner enthusiast so I’m excited to see you’re getting into it as well. It makes such a huge difference for me…I look so much more awake, I think. It’s hard to explain.

  4. you make me laugh, I told my husband the other day that I somewhere somehow missed the “how to be a girl” class. I have never once successfully used eye liner and mascara and I dont get along very well thanks to my sensitive/watery eyes and I rarely use make-up. My gyno made me go to a dermatologist to have my skin checked for cancer (pale freckled girl here) and when they out of the blue tell you that you could benefit from tinted moisturizers on your face (I have always used SPF cream daily–just didnt know you could buy it tinted)… you know you are missing the boat somewhere! I also loved the grover twitter convo when I saw you tweet about it I squealed. I still love reading that book to my kids ๐Ÿ™‚ oh and yes about the diet thing… OMG yes… I am so upset, I managed to only gain one lb over christmas with my family, but 5 days out of town with my inlaws I gained another 4! I didnt even know that was possible. I had been up to 33lbs lost (its taken me a year) and it kills me that all month I’ve only lost 1 of those pounds. I am so good for several days and working out and then I get depressed and then eat something totally stupid (bag of chocolate chips the week of my period–for example). I know better!!! I know it took me a year to lose 33lbs originally why do I think its just gonna fall back off? Why do I let it depress me so? I know if I took them off once I can do it again! GAH

  5. You need to get a new dog. Take Eliah to pick one out this weekend.

    -Not Eliah

  6. Thing one: I love all the Sweetie pictures. I’m so sorry she’s lonely. Does she get to go on extra car rides now since she’s an only dog?
    Thing two: That haircut will look smashing on you. I hope you found someone who cuts curly hair well.
    Thing 3: losing weight sucks. Up until January, I had been running and exercising regularly and obsessively counting calories only to gain 10 pounds in 6 months instead of lose. I hate having PCOS sooooooo much! I work too hard to be this heavy and look this chubby. So, I cut out all grains and sugar and lost 5 pounds in 2 weeks. I then proceeded to make paleo chocolate chip cookies 3 days in a row and gained 2 pounds back. I lost them again but it took me two more weeks. Still holding it down at 5 lbs of weight loss but I feel great. Starting the Whole 30 tomorrow. (you already know this part)
    in summation, Sweetie appears to be aptly named, your hair is gonna look smokin’ and skinny boys kill me… and also hormones.

  7. Your comment about your husband totally resonated with me! I gained 20-25 lbs the year my husband started doing tri’s. He is now working on a 6-pack just because he wants one and I want to slap him then eat chocolate! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Soooooo with you girl!

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