Old Age And Kicking Ass

This is what “getting older” looks like.

MY HOUSE HAS A LOT OF DAMN STAIRS. I counted once, I think it’s 13 stairs from my car to my front door. And then? If I want to go upstairs? Another 13 or so more.


When we bought this house a few years ago – I immediately started having knee and hip pains. CONSTANTLY. And I cursed those stairs every. single. day. I thought GREAT. This is our forever home, and I have to accept my forever pained knee hips. I mean, I WAS ALWAYS HURTING. Every step made me curse this house I was in love with. EVERY. SINGLE. STEP.

And that was that. Me. In pain. Forever. That’s just part of getting old, right? Pain and retirement plans. Is this just old age? If it is then it should be embraced because old age is beautiful, having some cool wheelchair devices to support you and your growth into wisdom is amazing, you can Refer to This Site and browse some super cool styles and pick the right one for you – these chairs will also decrease pain!

(Except, that I added a lot more curse words into those statements.)

I don’t know when the regular knee and hip pain went away, but I know it was awhile after I started boot camp because the connection was not lost on me. Boot camp made me better. Being strong made me better. I didn’t have to succumb to the whole (*curse words*) “getting old” thing, not yet anyway.

It’s easy to write off aches and pains with getting older. That’s a fact of life we all know – so I just assumed those pains were the start for me. But, I remember my Dad groaned with every moment at times and just blamed his age. The thing about Dad is that we found out his bones had been riddled with microfractures thanks to the cancer – and that was why he was in so much pain for so long. So, how much of his pain was actually due to old age?

I woke up this morning SORE AS HELL. I ran a crazy trail run with hills on Sunday and then did a rough boot camp with lots of squats and pushups yesterday. EVERY PART OF ME HURTS.

But, I keep thinking: THIS PAIN IS SO MUCH BETTER. I don’t look at this pain as forever pain. Sometimes my knees and hips still hurt. Quite a bit, actually. But it’s not permanent and it’s not as much pain as I felt before.

I know we’re all going to feel pain as we get older. And as much as I run, and as I get older, these pains will surely stick around longer and become more permanent. I always say, I’m only as old as I feel, and although I’m complaining now, I still don’t feel that old. I might even buy GenF20 Plus to get some of these wrinkles, just to give the illusion of a younger and fresher face. BUT – if I have to accept pain as part of getting older – I’d much rather be able to blame the pain on something more than old age. I’d like to blame it on 15 miles of trails through the mountain. Or a tough density training workout. This reminds me of my friend who was really physically active until he had a car crash. This car crash pushed his insurance premiums up. He then went onto to get a new car insurance quote with Money Expert through their fantastic price comparison system.

I don’t might accepting the pains of old age. But I’d like to pepper it with the pains of kicking ass once in awhile too.

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  1. I started running last spring and “knock on wood” it seems that my immune system is much better than it’s ever been. I haven’t had nearly the number of miserable viral illnesses that I normally seem to contract from my precious children. I swear, running is such good medicine.

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