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Sun and Snow


It has been raining here non-stop for about two weeks. And this isn’t really an exaggeration. We will get stretches as long as a week without sun, but this two week thing? This doesn’t happen around here. And there place I was emotionally Wednesday is a place with a big sign that says, “NEVER MOVE TO THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST.”

I was miserable. We all were miserable. If you have ever wondered what it felt like to be surrounded by people sad about everything? You should have been here early this week. I’d go to the store, I’d run errands, I’d pick up the kids and the majority of faces said the same thing mine did: I am sad. Because none of us had seen the sun in 10 days and we were all collapsing under the gray clouds, the rain, and the muddy yards.

I think the mayor was about to get a doctor to write a city-wide prescription for anti-depressants.

We started hearing talk of snow for Thursday early in the week. I think what most of us cared about though was the fact that after the precipitation on Thursday – in whatever form it came – WE WERE GOING TO SEE THE SUN.

They let schools out around lunch yesterday as the sleet started. I slipped a few times on the way home so after I picked up Wes, we just walked to get Nikki and it was cold but also fun. As gray and wet as it’s been, I’ve also been desperate to get outside with the kids so I thought it would be a good chance to enjoy some fresh air. It wasn’t snowing by the time that came home and I just assumed it was going to be one of the many flukes that Alabama weather gives us.

But then…THEN! We got some real snow! Enough to play in! It was falling fluffy from the sky and the kids and I played in it and it helped satisfy the need for snow that we’ve been craving since our last snow storm in 2011. And then…THEN! The sun came out! It shone beautifully through the clouds and I immediately felt everything just lighten on me. I had some extra stressors added to my life last evening and – before I saw the sun yesterday – I might have predicted that would have crushed me.

But I had seen the sun! For a little while before the end of the day we had SUNLIGHT shining into our kitchen! REAL SUNLIGHT. So when the added stress popped up last night? I was able to see the joy around it. I went to bed last night with a smile on my face, and I woke up with a smile on my face. I feel a little bit more like myself.

So, a day playing outside and a glimpse of the sun? Was more of what I needed than I realized. I mean, I knew I needed some sun, it’s all I’ve talked about for the last three days. But I didn’t realize how immediate the relief would be. And it was seriously IMMEDIATE. Like, I saw the sun and I JUST SMILED. For no damn good reason, I was standing on my front porch staring at it and SMILING LIKE A MANIAC.

Here’s to sun. And snow. And smiles.

5 thoughts on “Sun and Snow”

  1. The sun is shining here in the Pacific Northwest today. It is 32 degrees, but at least it’s sunny! Up here, when it’s not raining, everyone gets out of their houses because we know it won’t last, so I know what you mean about craving the sun and the ability to be outside.

  2. Funny- I DO live in the Pacific Northwest, and we’ve been having the driest, sunniest (though VERY cold!) winter I can remember in a long time!
    I grew up here, so I’m used to not seeing the sun for long stretches. I lived on the other side of the state for 3 years, and I REALLY enjoyed the WEEKS of sun we’d get!
    I’m used to it, and very happy here, but I think if I didn’t have so much family here, I’d want to be somewhere where it’s not QUITE so wet. 🙂

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