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The One Where I’m Proud I Didn’t Pee In My Pants!


Remember how my resolution is to quit being so hard on myself? That title right there is a GREAT step!

We were given some money for Christmas and the first idea I had was to go ice skating with it.

Our Art Museum sponsored a temporary outdoor ice skating rink for the first time ever this year. When it opened I couldn’t wait to take the family to try it out. Until I looked at the price. $13 each. THat’s $75 for the ENTIRE FAMILY to go ice skating. (Oh – add on $5 rental for one of the slider/helper thingies too – WHICH WAS VERY NECESSARY.) As excited as I was, this was not something I could squeeze in the budget around Christmas. And since they close the first week of January? OH WELL. No ice skating for us.

But the Christmas money gave me a great excuse! A family gift? A family outing! And MAN! I am SO GLAD we did it! It was so much fun.

We went the day after Christmas because it was one of those rare days we were all home and had no plans. It was about 40°F which is quite cold for most Alabamians, so I figured it wouldn’t be crowded.

That was an understatement. We were the only ones there!

It was fantastic! The kids could take turns with the helper and slide around in any direction they could manage. We could fall on our asses without too much to be embarrassed about. And we could just do whatever we wanted and not worry about someone knocking us over.

Except someone from our own group, of course.

(That is what we call “foreshadowing” my friends.)

Let’s back up a minute. I grew up roller-skating. My daycare was in a church which also had roller-skating. I’m not sure why this was something they had, but they did! So, after school we could get some skates and roll around the gym as one of our “activities”. I loved it. BUT – the once or twice I tried ice skating? Did NOT go well. I blamed it on my weak ankles, but I could not stay upright to save my life. I figured this time I’d be in the rotation to use the walker/helper thingy with the kids. Hugging the wall and trying my best not to injure anyone while falling.

But…I did okay! I was able to actually push the kids around on the walker pretty well, which they loved. And the skates were firm enough (although they did hurt a bit) that I didn’t turn my ankles at all. I even got going kinda fast at one point. Stopping wasn’t my specialty, but since we had the rink to ourselves I just used the walls and didn’t worry about running into anyone.

Nikki did pretty well too, although she did fall a lot. (And it was COLD and she was getting SOAKED.) At one point I was pushing Wes on the helper thingy, and we were stopped for a minute with Donnie and E. Evidently Nikki came up behind me and everyone else could tell she wasn’t going to be able to stop. Donnie did the smart thing and GOT OUT OF THE WAY. She hit me and fell and I did the smart thing and grabbed on to my 4-year old child. In my defense, I also grabbed on to my 17-year old child as well. I took them both down with me so we were a big pile of laughing people in the middle of the ice. The workers at the rink came out and helped us all up and it took everything out of me NOT to wet my pants I was laughing so hard.

All in all it was over an hour worth of fun, family bonding time. And with a brood as active and as spread apart in age as ours is? This is often hard to come by.

It was easily my favorite Christmas present of the year. Even if I could barely walk the next day.

(Seriously. I was more sore after that hour+ of ice skating than I was when I ran 30 miles on Monday. ICE SKATING IS HARD, Yo.)

7 thoughts on “The One Where I’m Proud I Didn’t Pee In My Pants!”

  1. Loved the pics when you posted them but now it’s even better to get the details. Love you all!

  2. I love this! Having experienced the try-not-to-pee laughter with you, I can totally imagine this whole scene. It looks like you all had a great time.

  3. I guess you wouldn’t have snowsuits heh. Looks like you all had a blast tough – that’s awesome! Skating uses entirely different muscles…ouch.

  4. That sounds like so much fun with no one else there! I’ve only been ice skating a couple of times and it was MURDER on my ankles.

  5. There is a community skating rink here in my town. It’s really nice, and they keep it open through all of the winter months. I haven’t been there yet, but it’s on my to do list for a family outing. Do they make adult sized slider/helper thingies? (Note to self: Before going ice skating, see if Mom still has Dad’s walker in the garage.)

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