Simplifying My Goals In 2013

I don’t mean to brag, but I kinda kicked last year’s resolutions in the butt. Here they are if you don’t like to click elsewhere:

Previously on Zoot’s Resolutions

  • Log all of my runs. I hit 100 miles in October when I was logging miles for my training group and knowing that felt SO GOOD. I’d love to keep track of it all for 2012 and see how THAT feels.
  • Finish projects. I’m not going to commit to finishing them ALL, because some projects are better left discarded. But I’m not going to start any new projects until I finish most of the half-complete ones I’ve got haunting my craft table and office.
  • Cut back on my consumption of Diet Coke. I’m not going to say I’ll quit, but I’m going to drastically cut back. My goal is to stop grabbing one to take in the car every time I walk out the door. But it will take awhile to break that habit.
  • Do more trail running! Did my first one last week: SO FUN. I’ll write more about that later.
  • Nag less, Goof Off more. No explanation needed, that one is pretty obvious.
  • Run the Rocket City Marathon. I’ve finally been vocalizing that goal to make it real so I feel like I can put it down in writing. I’m going to join the Rocket City Marathon training group for the last half of the year so that in December, 2012 I can run it. EEK.

The only one that I maybe slacked on was the “finish projects” one. But, I said I wanted to “finish the half-complete ones I’ve got haunting my craft table and office.” And while I maybe didn’t finish any of them (I think I finished one or two) I did at least clear them out of the way and I for SURE didn’t start any new ones. So the idea was still complete. No new projects and mess was cleaned up. YAY! Sometimes it’s better to just recognize you’ll never ever finish something. Which is what I did. With a lot of things.

And Now For 2013!

I’ll be honest…my only real resolution is to do more of the same. I would like to participate in this local 12-hour run in March, but March is when our musical is in show weeks and you all know how hectic that makes my life. So, I don’t really want to cast the goal in stone since I might be sacrificing my sanity along with it.

I just want to keep doing what I’m doing. Which – hopefully – means I’m in a good place in my life. I think I’d like to try to be less hard on myself. I find myself – more and more lately – feeling like I’m a shitty wife and Mom. And while I do know – beyond a shadow of a doubt – that I have room for improvement…I am not as bad as I often see myself. Does that make sense? That there’s a logical side of my brain who says, “Good job, Kim!” and then there’s the other side that says, “You suck, Kim!”

So, yeah. I’d like to quiet that voice a bit. She’s kind of a pain in my arse and tends to get me down a lot, like yesterday when Wes was in hour 7 or 8 of the TANTRUM FROM HELL – I just kept thinking, “I must be the worst Mom in the world to have a kid this out of control.”

But then when he calmed down, and I calmed down, I looked back and thought Eh…you did okay, Kim. That was a challenging day there and you didn’t lock anyone in the garage so…GO YOU!

That’s my only concrete goal for 2013, to try to be less hard on myself when things get tough. And when I’m feeling really shitty about myself? I’ll just remember: I ran 1,458 miles in 2012. Because – let’s be honest – that’s still pretty bad ass.

9 thoughts on “Simplifying My Goals In 2013”

  1. So awesome!!! I was looking at my new year’s resolutions for last year, and what surprised me was that I refused to write down run a 10k because I didn’t think I would accomplish that. Not that I think running a 10k is simple (I don’t – in fact it’s tough) , but it’s not even a long run for me anymore!
    Thanks for being such an inspiration to me this year ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. My goals might just be to be more like you. I find reading your blog everyday inspiring, motivating and comforting. Thank you, so much, for sharing your life like this. It makes mine better.

  3. That is so inspiring!

    I’ve been thinking about how to set my goals for this year in a way to make them manageable, and between you and Nicole of I have decided to aim to run at least 730 miles this year, including a half marathon.

    I just want to say again that you are awesome and inspiring and absolutely bad ass!

  4. My older son was my tantrum thrower–he’s a big kid and has always been big. One of the worst was at a major airport when he was 2.5 and I was early preg (8-10 weeks?). I had him with me alone on a visit. We went through security and he had to take off his shoes, which he did not want to do. Got through security, but he had the biggest meltdown of all time. Completely out of control. I was trying to wrangle him, my carry-on, a car-seat, maybe something else. All I know is that I just had to let him scream it out and stand there as he did that, because nothing was soothing him. It took me about 15 mins. to realize that, but once I did, I also realized that I could control my attitude. I could have gotten worked up about it (which I had been doing, because, literally, hundreds of people were witnessing us) or just be mellow. We survived, we calmed down and we moved on.

    My point is that we’ve all been there in one form or another. Wes is growing up and he’ll probably have some blow-ups now and then, but he’s on the downslope.

    BTW: my second son didn’t seem to have quite as bad tantrums. It’s part personality, part that he’s more moveable, so when he would start one, I could move him to a less trafficked area, and part that we just plain ignore him.

    Also, you may think that people are standing there, judging you, but the majority are thinking, “Man, I remember that one Tantrum of 2007. This kid has nothing on mine.”

  5. Last year I gave up all resolutions when I found out I was pregnant in the middle of January. Now I have four children. My resolution is to survive. Haha.

    Good job BTW. ๐Ÿ™‚

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