Grindstones and Battle Plans


Holy CARP.

(I see that I typed “carp” instead of “crap” but I truly believe that typo was made for a reason and I’m leaving it…as is.)

What a whirlwind of a week, AM I RIGHT?

When Do We Get To Move To Denver?

I went to Denver to visit my brother, his wife, and my new, gorgeous, awesome, and brilliant nephew. I picked that weekend to visit so I could help them move so, when I wasn’t helping them do that, I was holding that wonderful baby and it made me wish we had 14 more kids. Seriously. If it wasn’t for the pregnancy part? If I could just wake up and have a baby? I would do it in a heartbeat. I just don’t think I am emotionally strong enough to go through another pregnancy and definitely not another potential loss. I feel I’ve reached my limit. Maybe I’ll feel differently further from my last miscarriage, after the wounds have healed more, but right now? I’d love another baby. But not the emotional strain of pregnancy to get there.


We ran through the mountains around Red Rocks one day, and then went into the amphitheater itself later that same day. I made my first trip to an IKEA where I pondered how anyone ever makes a decision there…SO MUCH STUFF. I ate breakfast three mornings in a row at a place called French Press, and those are officially the three BEST BREAKFASTS of my life. If you’re ever around Lakewood, Colorado? Go eat there. And bring some back for me.

All in all? A wonderful trip. Even with the travel chaos trying to get there when Chicago was under a huge snow storm. I made it about 3 hours later and on an entirely flight plane different, but my luggage still tried (and failed) to go through Chicago. But the suitcase was in my hands the first morning I was there and nothing else went wrong the rest of the trip. As usual, I cried when I had to say “goodbye” because leaving my brother is always a really tough thing to do. I just hold on to the hope that one day our lives will lead us closer together geographically, until then? It’s periodic flights to hold us over. Which we do very willingly. I hope with all of my heart that my kids are as close as adults as we are, it makes navigating life’s waters so much easier.

Of course – I landed in Huntsville on Christmas Even and quite literally hit the ground running to finish everything for Christmas. Which I did! Almost!

Weaponry, Tablets, Dinosaurs…OH MY!

Christmas was great. We opened our new Christmas PJs that night after E got back from his Dad’s, we watched “Pitch Perfect” again, and we went to sleep and waited for Santa to do his thing. Which he did quite early, I might add, because I hear he’s old and needs his sleep. (Seriously, presents were under the tree by about 10pm. He wasn’t fooling around.)

I think the kid’s favorite gifts were the Kindle Fire (regular version, bought when Amazon had them on sale for $129 which made it cheaper than a Nintendo DS! Which is what Santa was originally going to get her for her “big” gift) for Nikki, the Bow and Arrow for Wes (which he’s REALLY good at, by the way, it’s amazing), and the Kigurumi for E. That gift was a big risk. A bunch of our favorite YouTubers have them and they’re hysterical so I thought it would be awesome, but it’s one of those gifts that he could have totally opened and been like, “I don’t get it.” He may not have remembered that DailyGrace had one! Or Tyler Oakley! Or Chris Hardwick! (Ok, Chris Hardwick is actually my favorite YouTuber, but whatevs.) But he opened the gift and knew EXACTLY what it was and put it on immediately. THANK GOD. It would be very difficult to explain to him why I thought dinosaur pajamas would be a good gift for an almost-18-year-old if he didn’t remember them from YouTube.

All in all? A great Christmas. And I am lucky enough to work for a company that gives us the day after Christmas off too, which is always such a blessing. I usually enjoy that day more because it’s less chaos and more fun. Yesterday was just that. The kid’s spent some of their Christmas money, we ate crappy (but yummy) food and we went ice skating. (More on that in another entry.) So, as of 4:45am when I woke up this morning? It’s BACK TO REALITY.

Getting Back On Track

My life has been non-stop chaos since the marathon a few weeks ago. We had a Christmas show at E’s school to put on, I went to Denver, and then the chaos of the holidays just kept me off my feet and shoving gobs of bad food into my mouth. I have gained about 8 pounds in a month and I haven’t run a long run since my marathon. And I have a 50K I’m supposed to run on Monday.


I’m not entirely sure that’s going to happen since my “training” has consisted mainly of eating junk food and watching “Pitch Perfect” every day. But, I’m not going to stress out about it. I’m going to use the next few days to get back into a normal eating, exercising schedule to prep myself for the new year which I always jump into with tons of hopes and dreams. I did a lot of what I set out to do in 2012, I’d love to be as successful in 2013.

So I’ll get back to work today, get my life back in some sort of normal routine, and I’ll just do the best I can on Monday. I’d rather not end my year with a “Did Not Finish” (DNF) but I’m not going to hate myself it that happens. I think I had too much on my plate the last few weeks and I don’t feel bad that I had to let my training slide for things like my kid’s last Christmas play and a trip to see my brother’s first kid. I take on a lot in my life, so when I say “Maybe that was a bit much” then you know I’m over my head. If I run 30 miles on Monday? Great. But if I only make it 15? I’m not going to hate myself. I’ve had a genius 2012 full of major accomplishments, if I don’t make the final goal on the list? I’ll be okay.

But today I’m only going to focus on two things:
1) Trying to get a normal run in and
2) Not eating the rest of the Pumpkin Trifle sitting in my refrigerator.

If I can manage those two things today? Then I’ll be on better footing than I have been the last few weeks.

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  1. Can you send me a link to that bow & arrow? My son would love it. His birthday is January 1st so I’m scrambling for gift ideas.

  2. Totally missed this post. Yes, come to Colorado! If you handled the run at altitude then stay for the much better weather! Although people either love or hate the hard core athletic community here… I’d’ve so amused to hear your posts on them, so come! Just think of the trail running….

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