Nevermind. Let’s just look at pictures of my kids.

I have written 100 entries about Friday’s tragedy in 100 different ways. But I decided I just can’t click “Publish” on any of them. While my points are very important to me (Especially the one defending myself as a non-Christian to people who claim the tragedy is due to the lack of God in schools) I keep reading my words and feeling like the same points have been made thousands of times since Friday, by writers better than me. Everyone is grieving, everyone is calling to action, everyone is looking for reasons to be joyful when surrounded by sadness. And they’re all doing it better than I can. I will state this for the record: I blew up the air mattress in Wesley’s room and made Nyoka sleep on it with me Friday night so we would all be together. I couldn’t leave them. They look too much like the faces from the news. The tragedy hit too close to home.

I can show you all some pictures from the weekend to try to add some joy.


This is Nikki and Wes helping E do his makeup for the “Best Christmas Pageant Ever” which is the annual Christmas play his school puts on. This is his fourth (and final) year doing the show at his school and I tried my best not to cry about this fact. (Although I failed miserably, of course.) And if you’re wondering, this is how I did Nikki’s sock bun. I use the bun-form too, because socks show through her fine hair.


And this is what he looked like in the show. Claude Herdman, everybody. He left behind trails of plains dust for a solid week.


Nikki ran a 5K on Saturday that only had about 50 participants. So, even though she hadn’t run in a month, she still got first in her age group! She was about 5 minutes off her fastest time, but came home with a trophy. Hell, Donnie was off about 18 minutes from his fastest time and even HE came in 2nd place in his age group. There’s definitely perks to running small races.


Finally? It was our turn to host Family Dinner this Sunday (we rotate between three houses, so we host about once a month) and the kids took the opportunity to dress in their finest. While I took the opportunity to socialize in my house shoes. It’s like these kids were adopted or something, because there’s no way my slacker genetic code could have produced those three kids. They just like dressing up. And E’s no different, he wears bow ties to school regularly. All of my kids constantly make me look bad with my fuzzy house shoes and my avoidance of bathing.

Damn kids.

5 thoughts on “Nevermind. Let’s just look at pictures of my kids.”

  1. The pictures are great. Thanks for sharing. We all needed that!

    My son IS adopted and he is exactly like my husband in almost every way. He looks like he could be his biological son, they like doing the same things, they have the same mannerisms, everything.

  2. Kim, I am just like you–spiritual, not religious. I also composed about five different facebook posts about the Newtown shooting in my head and posted none of them, mainly because my emotions often cloud my judgement about what to say and how to say it (and there are people who can say what I feel in a much more eloquent manner).

    Thanks for the cute pictures, they have definitely helped my mood (I too often wonder where my daughter came from–apparently, fashion sense is not an inherited trait because I certainly do NOT have that gene!).

  3. Amen Kim! Everyone wants a black and white solution and sadly there aren’t any. And on a personal note, while I am a “believer” (or something like that) I don’t want prayer back in school. I mean a moment of silence is nice but let’s not go back to the way it used to be. Also, I am limiting myself from Facebook for a while because of this whole mess. I have had enough of everyone trying to be an expert and trying to define everything.

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