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Klutz Genetics

photo(6)I tried to take a picture of the fading black-eye that Wes is sporting, but all that I got was this adorable picture of him. But, if you look closely under his right eye you can see a hint of green. That was from the latest episode of, “The Attack Of Zoot’s Genes.”

I wasn’t there for this one, but evidently Wes did something and hit his head. That was Part One. Donnie gave him an ice pack which he held to his injury. As he was walking around our bedroom with the ice pack on injury number one, he fell and hit his eye on the corner of the table at the foot of our bed.

Yes. He injured himself while he was an icing a previous injury.

That, right there? Is proof he is my child.

Luckily, his Dad is super graceful and athletic so he’s not doomed to a life of bruised legs and embarrassing moments like I’ve been. It just periodically shows it’s head as a reminder, “Hey! Your Mom falls down a lot!”

My klutz genes are the only feature I’ve passed on to all three kids that I know of for sure. I actually think E got off the easiest as his propensity for busting his ass randomly is almost non-existent. The other two? Let’s just say that we have kid-themed ice packs in the freezer that see the light of day at least once a week.

At least the black eye did nothing to dampen Wes’s adorability. It will serve him well in his life.

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  1. I too am a klutz but I have only managed to break my pinky toes. However, I passed that ability on and my daughter has done so much worse things to herself. Somehow, just by excitedly stepping up onto the curb as we crossed a street she broke her leg. It was just a hairline fracture in both the bones of her leg but that requires a cast. Trouble was there was no bruising, it was not swollen and the event had like no hard trauma, so I waited a week before taking her to see a doctor, and then they took a week to look over the xrays and then get her back to the office for her cast. A month after that and it was off. And that was spring break. So since she’d been laid up for 6 weeks when she asked on Monday to ride her push scooter, while sporting her leg brace, I said sure as long as she stayed within a half block, on our sidewalks and used her good leg to do the pushing while she kept the braced one on the scooter. And she got startled by our neighbor running in front of her, she swerved, the front wheel got caught in a crack in the cement and she went down. She reached out with her right hand to catch herself and came back up with a wrist that was sorta S shaped. So the doctors REALLY questioned this one. I think they asked her 15 times what happened, because being in their office for a broken bone while one was just in a brace was not going over well.

    Luckily this all happened back when she was 8 or so and we’ve not had any more broken bones in a decade, but that was bad enough, since all the doctors in our town were on spring break with their kids. So only one orthopedic surgeon available, and not available to do the surgery to set the bones and put in three pins til Friday meant it was probably the worst spring break of her life. Mine too for the record. Nothing so horrifying than to be powerless to take pain away from your child.

    Anyway, I hope Nikki and Wes are lucky enough to only get some bumps and scrapes and no serious injuries. Some of us klutzes just twist and sprain a lot (I’m wearing a knee brace right now because I have a slight sprain in my knee after falling down while trying to reach the top shelf in my library).

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