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Why Cried – Part 2. This Time, It’s Tears Of Joy.

I do not believe one man or the other in office is going to doom us or guarantee us success in the future. However – what I do know is that if Romney had won – there would be four years that no progress would be made towards the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act. The one thing that keeps us from being able to declare – as a country – that Love is Love. It is currently up to the states to decide on a civil right for a minority which is completely backwards of how it’s supposed to be. And – while no one should be able to vote on a civil right for a minority (that’s why they’re RIGHTS) – I’m thrilled that Maryland and Maine at least voted the right way.

The only people in my life who could really feel DOOMSDAY about the election because they would know their fight would be stagnant for four years – is the LGBT community. What they are wanting would not be pushed by Romney on any level.

So I watched the election coverage last night for them. And for the LGBT youth in my community. For the LGBT youth everywhere. For the kids in the closet who know their parents are voting for Romney because he’s against gay marriage. For the kids on the streets who were kicked out by their families for how they were born. For the kids beaten and bloodied in the schools for daring to try to break an archaic definition of gender. For kids in homes that love and support them, but who may be surrounded by a community who shuns them.

For the kids who know they are LGBT and for the kids who are questioning. I watched the results for each one of them.

And as the positive LGBT news came in (Maine, Maryland, Tammy Baldwin…) I reported each result to Donnie with tears in my eyes. And when Obama was declared victor, I sobbed. Because he is our hope. Our hope that the LGBT youth of today can at least dream of acceptance in the next four years. Not just in their states, but in their country.

The last time I cried for the LGBT youth in my community, it was tears of sadness and pain. Last night they were tears of hope. And joy. A sign that – even though my community is very strongly against marriage equality – the country as a whole is trending toward acceptance. There are places these LGBT youth can feel accepted. Loved. Equal.

Economics, health care, environment and wars aside…the votes last night may be what pulls suicidal teens from the edge. Seeing that while their peers may abuse them, their families may shun them, their country – as a whole – does not.

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  1. Don’t forget Washington state! I am so proud of my 17-year-old son (who is straight) who called voters with me for marriage equality because he wants this to be a fair world for everyone! Last night our hard work was rewarded with the passage of referendum 74! Love conquers all! <3

  2. WOOOO! AT the time I wrote this Washington wasn’t called “official” yet. I need to add an addendum to it!

  3. Even my conservative republican friends voted yes for marriage equality. It gives me hope that we might be on the razors edge of escaping the ridiculous thought that any person doesn’t deserve the right to live and love as they see fit.

  4. It *is* hard living here in Alabama with views such as yours, but I am also very glad these measures passed elsewhere in the country and that President Obama was re-elected. And things may be changing here too. Here at Troy, campus is littered with ads for a new student organization called “Gay-Straight Alliance”. I would not have thought such a thing would happen here back when I was a student myself and my roommate came out.

  5. GOOSEBUMPS!! I am so proud to be an American today after what happened all over the country last night. Even here in MN, the majority voted for no amendment to the state constitution making marriage between only a man and a woman. *High Fives* In 2009 Maine voted on a similar proposal to their state constitution and they voted it down then and now only 3 years later voters there have made their voices heard, TRUE MARRIAGE EQUALITY FOR ALL!!!!! Now that we have struck down that ridiculous conservative backed amendment to our state constition, I can only hope that MN will soon be next to allow all people to marry. HIP HURRAY!!! Last night equality and acceptance won and the people of America spoke very loud.

  6. It’s looking pretty great for us in Washington. We’re leading the vote, and almost half of the ballots in King County (home of Seattle) have yet to be counted. I’m feeling more confident than ever that I’ll one day be allowed to marry the one I love.

  7. I love when you stop by my blog, makes me thing of the good ole days ;).

    And Good for you, Reed. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that as the ballot count becomes official it’s in your favor. 🙂

  8. Beautifully written. & Tammy Baldwin is such heartening news that one, even if her love is different from the socially stipulated norm, she can be celebrated and be successful. =) Let’s hope for many more waves of positive news on marriage equality that will cover the discrimination and remarks. Even if we are not used to a different kind of love, we should still love. That defines us as a society. xx

  9. So happy for Americans! And so proud of Obama for cutting through the bullshit and speculation and just saying what he believes. That takes some serious courage in his position, in this climate – and obviously a lot of people agreed with him. 🙂

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