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The Most Important Vote Of The Year!

You all know how much I LOVE my my boot camp right? I adore it. I’ve been going for two years now and I can’t imagine giving it up. However, my year is almost over. I paid for this past year with a perfectly timed freelance project. This year? I haven’t been as lucky. I’m still holding out hope but with college tuition coming up, most of our extra money is already claimed. SOOOOO – I would LOVE to win a free month of boot camp. One less month to stress out about. Will you PUHLEASE help me and go here and “LIKE” my photo? You can also share it out for your friends to like because shares get TWO points! I’ll do a burpee (if I win, of course) for every vote!

I normally hate this type of self-promotion type stuff. I promise I wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t really important.

And also? HOW AMAZING IS MY COSTUME? Seriously. IT ROCKED. And I made it myself. AND I wore it the entire boot camp. That means I did pushups and burpees and jumping jacks all with extra arms.

So…I EARNED your votes. I promise!!!

Thank you so much. If I win this? I’ll totally come give you a giant hug. And maybe a kiss.

9 thoughts on “The Most Important Vote Of The Year!”

  1. I love it! But I have no Facebook account, so I have to just ‘like’ you directly on your blog…

    I hope you win!

  2. DUDE. I didn’t think about that! Except he would totally know the “business” links were me. But still! GENIUS For future reference!

  3. It WAS totally awesome!!! And doing the entire workout in it was even better. I voted for you!

  4. Liked! And I hope you don’t mind to much but I am totally stealing this for my costume next year.

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