My Awesomeness Needs Medication

  • We had a Halloween 5K Saturday morning that Nikki was signed up to do. Wes was going to do the 1-mile Fun Run beforehand, so we bundled them up in their costumes and pinned on their numbers. When we got there, something fell through with the city and the safety patrol and they had to postpone the Fun Run until 9am. This meant Wes couldn’t do it as he had his last soccer game at 9am. You can imagine how well THAT went over. Bumblebee may be a badass Transformer but when you tell him he can’t run the run he was looking forward to all week? He becomes a total wuss.
  • Nikki did GREAT on the 5K. Mainly because there was a little boy she was DETERMINED to beat. They kept doing the sprint-ahead, then slow down and catch their breath thing. Back and forth – until you could see Nikki get MONSTOROUSLY irritated that he kept showing back up to pass her, at which point she sprinted forward for such a long amount of time that she A) Nearly lost me for good and B) Nearly killed herself. She was panting so heavily by the time I caught up with her that I thought I’d need to find a brown paper bag. BUT SHE BEAT THE KID. And you know to my overly competitive 7-year old? That’s the only thing that mattered.
  • We had a boot camp party at our house Saturday night and we paid E to hang with the kids upstairs while the adults hung out. He had about 10 kids for about 3-4 hours. He slept for 2 straight days afterwards, they wore him out so severely.
  • I ran 12 miles on Saturday and 23 on Sunday. That brings me to a total of 35 miles for the weekend, 19 being trail miles. This puts me right on course for my 50K on November 17th. I was even having trouble falling asleep last night because I was restless thinking about how proud I was and how I just can’t believe how far I’ve come. That’s one of the best reasons for insomnia I’ve ever had. I’m totally calling the doctor tomorrow and saying, “I need something to help me sleep. My awesomeness is keeping me awake every night.”
  • E and I went to see David Sedaris last night. He is vaguely familiar with him having read some of his essays in the “satire” section of one of his English classes. I love the guy. The show was great because A) I had only already heard/read one story and B) It was a packed house with a great sense of humor. E had a ball and it reminded me how very important it is – as a parent of a teen – to make an effort to find activities to do together. Whether it’s sporting events or concerts…it’s an integral part of maintaining a good relationship as they become an adult. Bonus points if your fun outings involve stories about people pooping in their hands.

5 thoughts on “My Awesomeness Needs Medication”

  1. I love everything about you AND your kids. I love that Nikki is Thor. I love that Wes wanted to run so badly. I ADORE that Nikki beat that kid in the race. You should be super proud of not only your kickass miles, but your kickass parenting. <3

  2. “My awesomeness is keeping me awake every night”

    I just laughed out loud with a room full of students taking a test.

    You are indeed awesome, Zoot!

  3. I just saw David Sedaris with my mom up here in DC earlier this week! It’s awesome having a great mom who takes you to do fun things!

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