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Some Reasons To “WOOO!”

Let’s talk about some awesome, shall we?

One week ago, E went to school Friday morning to discover a sign with the “Senior Favorites” on it and it included his name! He was named “Headed For Broadway” and he took a picture with the caption, “WAIT. PEOPLE KNOW I EXIST?”

We were very excited.

That day was also the start of a workshop he was in charge of for local elementary school kids to learn about musical theatre. He ended up skipping the pep rally that day so that he could do some prep for the workshop. While he was getting supplies he got a text that said he should have been at the pep rally. BECAUSE HE WAS PUT ON THE HOMECOMING COURT.

Talking about a good day!

This week has been homecoming week and we had to buy him a suit and he gets to be part of the pep rally today and the football game tonight. This is all very fun and exciting and exactly what we all need to be focusing on. While we had some bad news this week and I’m sad over our loss, I’m thrilled the universe has given us something to celebrate to help remind us of all the blessings we have in our lives.

While I can’t go to the pep rally today, we’ll be at the game tonight to see E be part of the spotlight for a moment. Talking about a great Senior Year. He also got cast as a Herdman (Claude!) in The Best Christmas Pageant Ever which is going to be tons of fun for him.

We really do live a blessed life with amazing children who give us things to celebrate every day. And that is my salvation right now. They are my strength. They are my joy.

They give me reasons to “Wooo!” even when my heart hurts from a loss. And for that? I owe them the best me I can give them.

12 thoughts on “Some Reasons To “WOOO!””

  1. Love love love everything about this!!! Have a perfect day today and I’ll look forward to pics and updates! Love you guys and miss you dearly!!

  2. Woo!!! I saw the picture about Broadway on Instagram which is awesome! Being part of the “Homecoming Court” does that mean he’s in the running for Homecoming King or have I been watching too many American Teen Flicks again lol.

  3. Wooo!! Congratulations to E! Please post some pictures of him on the Court tonight. And some of him as Claude Herdman, when the time comes. We read that book every December.

    This is some of that positive energy you and E put out there coming back to you exactly when you need it.

  4. I knew about the “Senior Favorites” sign from your picture and my kids at school. But I didn’t know about being on Homecoming Court!! How awesome!! I’m glad you’ve had some joy this week despite your loss. I’ll be there tonight at the game. Can’t wait to see that fine young man on the field. I know you are so proud.

  5. Congrats to E! I love reading his Tweets–he is so funny! I’ve seen a local production of “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever” and loved it! I’m so glad you have some joy this weekend =)

  6. Congrats to E. You really do have a lovely family (and you, of course are lovely as well!)

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