You Never Know When Your Day Is Going To Involve Naked Burpees

My boot camp periodically offers weekend sessions that are co-ed and open to the public. Sometimes it’s a part of a fundraiser, other times it’s simply a special event. Donnie always likes to go to these with me if he can, he loves them. I love them because I get to show off my awesomeness to my husband who sometimes only gets to see me as that annoying lady who lives in his house who will NOT SHUT UP ABOUT GOING THROUGH HIS CHILDHOOD BELONGINGS.

(In my defense – his stuff takes up one corner of our garage. Whereas my entire childhood fits into one box.)

This weekend, Joe teamed up with Healthy Huntsville and offered a class at the botanical gardens. I was bummed Donnie wasn’t going to be able to go, as he’s started training for his half-ironman and does long bricks on Saturdays. But then I found out…this one was OPEN TO KIDS! My kids – especially Nikki – have always wanted to go to boot camp with me. They hear about it all the time but never even get to see it – so it’s become this oddly mysterious thing Mommy goes to that must be TONS OF FUN because no kids are allowed. And you know how that works – No kids means we must be having lots of insane fun involving hot-air balloon rides and water gun fights. That’s how “adults only” works, you know.

That’s one of the biggest disappointments growing up – finding out the “adults only” stuff usually just involves normal boring situations like dinners and movies – you know – without kids. No secret trampoline mazes or haunted houses…just wine tastings and book clubs. BORING.

When I told them they were going to get to go to a formerly-adults-only boot camp class…they were ECSTATIC. Until I told them there would be no hot-air balloon rides or water gun fights. Just planks and situps. But they were STILL excited, just because FINALLY! Mommy’s BOOT CAMP!

The class was fun and Joe even asked the kids to help lead the burpees and wacky jacks. The picture above is of the kids doing burpees. They were VERY proud. As was I. Mainly because I could play the doting Mom and take their pictures instead of – you know – doing the actual burpees.

Later that day, when Donnie got home, they couldn’t wait to tell him about the burpees on the stage with Joe. Wesley was in the process of getting dressed and Nikki started showing off to Donnie. He was praising her, “Great job, Nikki!” when – obviously – Wesley decided he needed to show off too. But – like I said – he was getting dressed. So…he ran out – COMPLETELY NAKED – and started doing burpees in the bedroom for Donnie to see.

It took everything out of us not to just die laughing right there. Naked four-year old’s doing burpees? Turns out is QUITE a hysterical thing. We quickly issued the praise he was wanting and then insisted he get dressed before showing us any more tricks. Mainly because we were getting an ab workout trying to contain our laughter.

Naked Burpees. The next new fitness crazy to sweep the nation. YOU JUST WATCH.

4 thoughts on “You Never Know When Your Day Is Going To Involve Naked Burpees”

  1. If it’s not being naked then it’s about bodily functions!! Boys are funny lol.

    I’m 26, I live with two boys and the boy thing is rubbing off on me! Since when did bodily functions become so funny!

    I had an unnaturally blue ice bubblegum ice cream last week – that would have been the end of it however it wasn’t. It involved other things which started a whole other conversation about bodily functions – how did I manage to walk into it so easily!

  2. I love when they involve kids.
    I do a lot of hot yoga – and so it’s not safe for kids to be in the studio (nor do I want to bring my kids), but my kids are always asking me about yoga classes. After discovering how much kids yoga classes cost in our area I found a youtube video and let them try it.
    It was hilarious!!! Neither of them quite got the whole concept of calm and stillness, but they could do poses on the first try that I may never be flexible enough to do! So cute!

  3. So looking forward to all of this…boy stuff and all!! What a great weekend, I loved seeing all the pics you posted this weekend on Insta!

  4. Where was the video camera during naked burpees?!! Your kids crack me up!!

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