Operation 50 Miles (Weeks 3 and 4)

This is a belated update due to me being SO TIRED FROM RUNNING ALL THE TIME.

Jeez. Who knew, right?

We traveled during week 3 of my training which meant I kinda did NOTHING for several days, so for the sake of entertainment, I’ll combine weeks 3 and 4 into one entry.

Week 3 (No Boot Camp This Week)

Monday: 4.5 easy miles
Tuesday: 6 miles with the HTC Cross Country group. Did NOT do it for speed.
Wednesday: 5 easy miles along marathon course from Starbucks. SO HOT.
Thursday thru Sunday: Traveled to Chattanooga for Donnie’s triathlon. Did a boat-load of walking.

Week 4

Monday: Boot camp + 5 miles Hampton Cove Hills
Tuesday: Boot Camp + 7 miles along Cross Country course in intermittent rain.
Wednesday: Boot Camp + 5 miles in Research Park in more rain
Thursday: Boot Camp + 4 miles MORE hills from Rainbow Elementary. My second hill run of the week and I struggled!
Friday: Boot camp
Saturday: Hilly run through S. HSV – 20 Miles! This was a big milestone as I hadn’t done 20 miles since my marathon. It went surprisingly well.
Sunday: Easy 8 miles at ICG

Total of FIFTY MILES for that week! Another first!

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