Operation 50 Miles: Week 6

FINALLY I’m caught up on recording my training! Sorry for the bombardment in boring training posts. After this one I’m caught up with my real time training.

Week 6 was a “Recovery Week” which means miles were lower and no hills/speed workouts allowed. I ended up doing 9 miles more than the training program called for, but they were easy miles so I don’t think it would do any damage overall. It still has me 4.5 miles BELOW where I should be based on the training schedule. Not that it really matters in the big picture, but it does bug me a bit :).

Week 6

Monday: Boot Camp + 6 miles on the Hayes Nature Preserve
Tuesday: Boot Camp + 5 miles on the Cross Country course
Wednesday: Boot Camp
Thursday: Boot Camp + 6 easy miles on the Indian Creek Greenway
Friday: Boot Camp
Saturday: 7 miles around Fleet Feet
Sunday: 13 miles; Cotton Row forwards and backwards.

7 thoughts on “Operation 50 Miles: Week 6”

  1. You’re doing so well. I don’t know how you do double days because I’ve tried and I just get so tired. I’m enjoying my long runs at the moment though. Up to 7 miles this Saturday.

  2. Good work! Just curious – what is your longest training run for a 50-miler? I can barely fathom how to prep for that, knowing firsthand how long the runs are and how much time it takes to train for a mere marathon.

  3. It tends to build more on doing a long run on Saturday followed by a long-ish run on Sunday so you get used to running on tired legs. So my longest weekend will be 28 on Saturday and 12 on Sunday. Seems crazy, doesn’t it? But supposedly it works 😉

  4. That does make sense, even if the whole 50 miles thing is still a little mind boggling! You’ve got a good fitness base, and you’ll have some adrenaline to get you through, too! I ran a few relay races (which are SO FUN, BTW – highly recommend!), and we’d train sort of like that too – do a morning run and an evening run on 1 day, or an evening run followed by a morning run, to get used to running on tired legs.

  5. Were those RAGNAR races? I’ve got some friends about to do an ultra version in November and it sounds INSANE. Fun but INSANE!

  6. I haven’t done a Ragnar, though my teammates have, and they said they were well-organized events. I’ve done Reach The Beach in New Hampshire, and The Relay in California, which starts in Napa Valley and ends on the beach in Santa Cruz! They sound so crazy – run 3 legs of a 12-person relay in 24 hours! Ride in a van with stinky runners and very little sleep! Run in the dark with a headlamp! But they are SO FUN, and my relay teammates became lifelong friends in 24 hours. We are Team Caveman, and we also run in caveman costumes. I’m benched right now, b/c I am pregnant, but hope to do more relays again someday, because they are so much fun – easily the most fun I have had running.

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