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I’m Not Like The Other Girls

Me? I wear Converse instead of heels. I definitely spend more time on Tumblr than I do shopping. I continue to be interested in Star Wars. And you know what? Today, I bought two handbags. One of them was pink. That doesn’t make me shallow, vapid, unintelligent or incapable of enjoying absolutely anything I’d like to enjoy. It just makes me someone with a killer cute pink handbag.

I like this idea that we don’t need to proclaim we’re “Not Like” something defined by the mainstream media because the truth of the matter is: NONE OF US IS LIKE THAT.

Is America Crazy? Ten Reasons It Might Be

When Bill Moyers, Keith Olbermann, Mayor Bloomberg, and Rupert Murdoch are all in favor of something—in this case, tougher gun laws—and there’s still no chance of it being enacted, you can rest assured that forces other than reason and partisan politics are involved.

This article simplifies a concept I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. I get frustrated every day by our nation’s inability to force the extremes of either end of the spectrum out of the conversation. I feel like our country is full of rational, middle-of-the-road people who feel strongly about many things but also have the ability to discuss those things calmly. But instead we hear from the extremists which turns every issue into a Black and White issue where there is no compromise. Most rational Americans, whether NRA members or not, agree that we need better gun control. That assault rifles should not be easily purchased and need not be purchased as they go beyond basic “defense” of person. Yet are any of those people talking now? No. It’s only the extremists who make it sound like our choices are: TAKE AWAY SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS or GIVE GUNS TO ALL THE PEOPLE.


A Deadly Rampage of Shocking Kindness

Here’s the reality: The breaking we as a species do is, by and large and for millions of humans every day, toward the good. People have astonishing, heart-full shifts and awakenings, from incremental to momentous, private to life-upheaving, every week, every hour, 50 more in the time it takes you to read this paragraph.

After the news of so many random shootings lately, it’s nice to think that maybe that’s not our human nature. That maybe, every day, people are coping with stress and emotional strife by being more kind and loving to those around them. I like that school of thought. I’m going to allow it to give me hope.

The Universe Is Weird

And finally? The newest song from Hank Green which is brilliant on so many levels I can’t even explain it:

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  1. I LOVE the first link. As to the gun rights issue, I actually think it’s more that we need better enforcement of the existing laws than that we need new/more laws. There are good laws on the books, but they aren’t well enforced. Plus, we need to remember that criminals will get their hands on guns regardless of the laws in place.

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