So. Behind. On. Life.

The fake Space Camper himself
Through an odd assortment of situations, I have not been at a computer for more than about 3 minutes since THURSDAY. I’m sure you all know me well enough to believe that this is HIGHLY UNUSUAL. My inbox has over 100 emails waiting for me and I’m pretty good about removing Spam potential so at least half of those emails actually need my attention. I haven’t blogged and I’ve only been doing the periodic social network update that I can either do from my phone or in the two minutes that I allot if it requires that I tag someone. (WHY CAN’T I TAG FROM MY PHONE, FACEBOOK?)

So…let’s talk about the fascinating things you missed!

First? E got cast as an extra in a movie filming here! They had auditions locally for just that type of thing a few weeks ago and they called him Thursday night. This wasn’t a big deal because the paperwork seemed to indicate that only 16-year olds and younger needed chaperones. Well…I dropped him off at 6:30am and headed into work. Only to receive a call from him on my way saying, “They say Child Labor is coming to check the set today so every minor needs a chaperone.” Turned out there was some confusion about 17-year-olds. Everyone agreed they could stay later, but no one knew for sure if they needed a chaperone, so they asked the parents to stay…just in case. Long story short? I ended up there until 5:30pm that night. THAT IS A LOT OF CHAPERONING. Who wants to use a vacation day sitting around staring at their dead phone? ME!!!

Either way…he had fun and it was a great experience. When/if the movie (SPACE WARRIORS! It’s on IMDB but evidently the actors are all wrong. The Space Camp twitter account announced the real cast on Friday.) ever comes out on TV/in theaters, I’ll let you know! Until then…I’ll try to keep E’s head from getting too big at the thought of having his left shoe appearing in a movie.

I spent four hours running on Saturday (WHAT IN THE HELL?) and then came home and helped the kids rearrange/redecorate their rooms. Man…I forgot how fun that is, as a kid. If you want to rock your kid’s world? Let them move their furniture around. They think it’s the most AWESOME THING EVER. We went out to dinner as we do most Saturdays and I was in bed by 9pm as I hadn’t slept well in several nights thanks to Wes’s growing pains.

Then, Sunday, I ran some more (SERIOUSLY. WHAT IN THE HELL?) and then we did our chores and saw The Dark Knight Rises. We were hoping to go do everything a little earlier so I’d have time to go to a book signing for my Boot Camp instructor, but we ended up going basically from the theater to family dinner where we were until bedtime.

Do you SEE how easy it was to suddenly be Monday morning and I’ve not had proper time at a computer since Thursday? I’m a bit overwhelmed. So…if I’ve abandoned you or not responded to you in a while, I apologize. I get behind on email sometimes because I like to wait until I have time to really go through the stuff I star as “important” – and sometimes that takes a few days. But now I’ve added four days on top of some of those “few days” and suddenly I’m a week behind replying to things I was already a week behind replying to.


I don’t have to run tonight, although I might anyway. (OKAY. THIS IS RIDICULOUS.) When I’m stressed it’s how I cope, but I hope that by bedtime I’ll have either replied to everyone I’ve needed to, or just accepted I can’t reply to everyone and prioritized those actually waiting on a response to those who will be okay without one and hope they don’t hate me too much for archiving their message permanently.

Oh…and then, you know, GMAIL IS DOWN RIGHT NOW. I mean, I can see all of the emails on my phone, but when I pull up the website on the computer? NADA. NOTHING. ZILCH. I can load Facebook, Twitter, my WordPress dashboard but can I load my Gmail to maybe actually start corresponding with people waiting on me since Thursday? NOPE. Sure can’t.

Whatever happens, I’m just praying that I can make it through the day without banishing technology forever. I sit in front of a computer regularly JUST to avoid this feeling of being overwhelmed. This may turn me into a Luddite who spends her days doing needlework and listening to Kenny G on repeat.

(That’s what Luddites do, right?)

This picture is only included to show off my latest Geek Chic purchase which arrived Friday. Click the photo to take you to the Etsy shop. I LOVE THIS SKIRT WITH ALL OF MY HEART.

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  1. That skirt is awesome!

    I’m currently knitting the Bigger on the Inside shawl pattern; aren’t we all Doctor Who-like here!

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