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What I’m Enjoying This Summer!

This book is an “Eliah Recommends” choice. It’s called Why We Broke Up and is just what it sounds like. A story a girl tells to an ex-boyfriend, basically highlighting all the thing along the way that could be used as part of the explanation of why they broke up. She’s writing the story to him to accompany the box of his stuff she’s returning. I am a die-hard e-reader but I will tell you: Either buy this book in paper or listen in audio form.

WHAT? I know. That’s weird.

The hardcopy has beautiful paintings of each item to go along with the chapter. It’s a great addition and really puts you into the story. BUT…the audiobook is also REALLY good. I haven’t recommended an audiobook since Harry Potter but the girl doing the reading handles Min’s rants in a way that might even make them BETTER than when you read them with the voices in your own head. I know. This is the first time you’ve ever been told to LISTEN to a book before you read it…but if you are like me and just like audiobooks? This is a GREAT one to choose.

This is Shadow and Bone and I finished it awhile back, in one day. It gets really good and even has some unexpected developments that catch you off guard. It’s a fantasy world involving a rich setting and great descriptions of palace and land and even clothing. It’s definitely something you can easily build in your head.

The main character is not perfect, by any means, and sometimes she can be frustrating. But – I think in the end I really enjoyed seeing her grow as a person and understanding her story more. And even though it’s a trilogy (STOP WITH THE TRILOGIES) – it ends well so that you’re not pissed off waiting for the next book. But, you know, it’s still a series book so there’s a lot of open storylines, so if you’re sick of that…I understand!


This guy is one of my new discoveries on YouTube although I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO SPELL HIS NAME: Curt Meyers? Kurt Meyers? Because they DON’T spell his name in the description which is SO annoying. I also wish he would list the videos he references. He’s great! Those are just things I’d like to see to improve his awesomeness.

It doesn’t hurt that this week he’s talking about my OTHER fave: VLOGBROTHERS.

And then? He referenced a proposal but he didn’t link to it so I found it for you. But I happen to KNOW this person in this proposal, which makes it even more awesome. GO WATCH CURT MEYERS. OR KURT MEYERS. Whatever…he always has funny discoveries.


SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE! Cyrus is my favorite even though I know he won’t go very far, I just love watching him. This dance was SO FUN.

What are you enjoying this summer?

7 thoughts on “What I’m Enjoying This Summer!”

  1. Summer is for True Blood! So glad that’s back and the final season of Weeds. Also started watchign Breaking Bad and have lots to catch up on! As for reading, I just started Defending Jacob,…haven’t come across anything really great in reading this summer…

  2. I’m so in love with Cyrus. I get so nervous every time he dances because I know he doesn’t have the training like some of the others. Both the ballroom girls rock my world too.

  3. I enjoyed Why We Broke Up, too. I read the library’s copy, so I saw the illustrations. Otherwise, I’m a big e-book reader – I love my Kindle! The other one is on my to-read list, so I’m glad to read your review.

    And I love Cyrus, too! I was so glad when he hung in there in Vegas and didn’t quit like the other guys from his house did.

    Right now I am re-reading A Discovery of Witches so I can read the second in that trilogy now that my library finally has it.

  4. I love SYTYCD and Cyrus! I also like the ninja guy, can’t remember his name, but he’s awesome!

  5. I just finished reading Why We Broke Up! I got it on a whim at the library and didn’t think I’d love it quite so much. I’m normally pretty anti quirky POV/letter stories. But I loved it! It helps that the voice is original without being too….forced, I guess. And I loved the illustrations! Makes me very glad I didn’t read it on my Kindle.

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