Birthday Bullets

My birthday was Saturday (I’m 37 now! The most uneventful age ever!) and this weekend was FULL OF THE BUSY. I am relying on the old school blogging gimmick of bullets to update you on all of the awesome from the weekend.

  • I planned my running group’s long run Saturday. We’ve been taking turns and setting up aid for those runs. It works out nice because it allows us to use different parts of town. The downside is that the person doing the planning? Never sleeps well the night before. We’ve all joked that we wake up SO EARLY worrying about printing up route directions, setting out coolers with aid etc. I woke up at 3am. The run went great, but still, it’s a good thing we all take turns!
  • I ran a total of 29 miles over two days this weekend. THAT IS A LOT. The ultra training I’m doing calls for a long run on Saturday and long-ish run on Sunday so you get used to running on tired legs. 20 miles Saturday, 9 on Sunday. YAY ME.
  • I cooked family dinner yesterday and made TWO CAKES because I couldn’t decide which one I wanted more. I’m going to post tomorrow about the recipes I used because I found several good ones. But for now just know: Everyone should have two cakes for their birthday!
  • We went out to eat for my birthday Saturday night at my favorite place. Turns out a friend was having drinks next door with her husband so Donnie and I joined them while E took the kids home and came back and picked us up later. Spontaneous grown-up night with built-in designated driver! Best un-planned birthday outing ever!
  • I steam-cleaned our carpets this weekend and spilled the bucket of nasty water all over part of the clean carpets. Right outside of Wes’s room where he was sleeping. I responded by yelling, “Shit! Shit! Shit!” over and over again. Wes came out of his room so fast that I think I’ll use the same method of wake-up calls once school starts back up.
  • But the brilliant move of the weekend is: I was cooking dinner yesterday. Dinner for 8 adults and 3 kids, all from scratch. In other words? Too much for my feeble brain. I took some hot sweet potatoes out of the oven to put some biscuits in. I was moving the sweet potatoes to a different rack. I put the biscuits in sans gloves because they hadn’t been cooked. Then – went to grab the sweet potatoes which had been cooking already for 20 minutes. YEP. I DID THAT. I dropped/threw that dish SO FAST and SO HARD I’m surprised I didn’t break the glass stove-top. I then threw out several F-bombs in front of nephew. It was AWESOME. *sigh*

All in all? A great birthday weekend. Even with the unintentional curse-word-teaching of several kids in my family.

10 thoughts on “Birthday Bullets”

  1. The twins still celebrate their birthday together, and they each choose their own dessert. This has brought to my attention the awesomeness of having TWO selections.

  2. I am so glad you had a great birthday, and so selfishly glad that I’m not the only one who makes ridiculous mistakes in the kitchen sometimes. The other day I took a hot cookie sheet out of the oven (with a mitt) and then not five minutes later tried to grab it from the stovetop without the mitt. I. Am. Awesome.

  3. Happy Birthday!!! I am a new reader and just turned the same age myself (I can’t bring myself to say it out loud :))

  4. Happy Birthday! It’s not a great birthday unless you drop a few f-bombs. At least that’s what I always say.

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