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The Definition Of A Nerdgasm

I wrote this entry yesterday morning to publish today. Then…THEN…the biggest worldwide nerdgasm occurred when CERN announced the discovery of a particle that could be the Higgs boson. If you don’t know what the Higgs boson is, here’s a great non-physicist explanation that a layperson could understand. Either way? IT’S A PARTICLE PHYSICS PAR-TAY! Which makes the rest of this entry seem silly. I want to go back and tell myself: You thought THAT was a nerdgasm? Just wait 24 hours, then you’ll see a GLOBAL NERDGASM.

Remember back in 2008 when I first talked about Dr. Horrible? I’ll admit. That was my first non-Buffy exposure to Felicia Day. (She was in Buffy, did you know that?) I started following her about everywhere possible on the interwebs and have since developed quite a celebrity crush on her.

I met George Watsky for the first time on Ellen when she featured him after finding him on YouTube. Then I saw him, front row, when I saw Starkid last year. He was as amazing as you’d expect and I became as obsessed as you’d expect.

After falling in love with John Green as an author, I immediately became Nerdfighter, following everything John and his brother Hank ever do on YouTube.

Now, I would really like to go to VidCon some day, but since I can’t afford it, I followed it last weekend through every social media platform as I could. When I started hearing things about a Felicia Day/Hank Green/George Watsky collaboration to sing my geek anthem? I about died. And then, finally, someone uploaded a video of it to YouTube.

This is why I can not go to things like VidCon. I am too much of a fangirl and seeing all of these heroes of mine come together in such a rockstar fashion to sing a song that I shout along with in my car? Would have made me spontaneously combust. NO. LIE.

4 thoughts on “The Definition Of A Nerdgasm”

  1. Have you seen John Green’s Vlogbrother video that covers Vidcon?

    I want to go one day too!!!!!!

  2. I know this post is old, but I have to say thank you. My 11 year old watched a TEDed on the Higgs boson last night and it didn’t answer all of her questions. I remembered this link and it answered all her questions. Thank you.

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