Operation 50 Miles (Week 2)

(This is just a training update, if you’re here on your Feed Reader or on my standard Blog Layout page, feel free to skip to the actual fun entry for the day. IT HAS SCARY EMUS!)

I still came in about 2 miles short this week on my training. I cut my Saturday long run short because when I was 2 miles from the car I ran out of water and I started feeling like I was getting sunburned. I had forgotten sunscreen (ROOKIE MISTAKE) and panicked a bit. Also – IT WAS DAMN HOT. So, I only did 16 Saturday when I was supposed to do 18. That put me at a deficit again on my schedule which makes me a little twitchy. I’d like to break even this week, maybe even do a bit more to try to shift that NEGATIVE! NEGATIVE! NEGATIVE! more to the POSITIVE! area. Other than that 2-mile deficit, I did feel good this week. My hill runs on Thursday were successful, I got about half a hill more than usual. And – I hit almost 29minutes flat on my 3-mile Tuesday Night Trail/Cross Country run. I’m not sure if I’ll try to push it this week since Week 3 is an Easy/Recovery week for me. I may work harder on trying to get those extra miles in, than trying to break any certain time.

Week 2

Boot Camp – 5:30am Full Body
Boot Camp – 5:30am Full Body
Cross Country Run – 1 mile warm-up, 3-mile tempo on the trails at about 29:00. (My 5K PR is 25:00, that shows how much a trail run can slow me down.)
Boot Camp – 5:30am Full Body
Hampton Cove Greenway Run – 4 miles, easy.
Boot Camp – 5:30am
2.5 mile warm-up
3.5 mile hill work (6.5 repeats)
5am – 6+ miles, Cotton Row Course
4.5 miles on trails – Bucca/White
11.5 on road, Monte Sano 15K course plus some

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  1. I really like these weekly posts! Do you have Daily Mile? I find that’s great for keeping track of my miles. Plus I like graphs and stats which it has lots of.

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