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Another item off the bucket list: Chalk Art Photos

I have found myself trying to convince people twice this weekend that we are not as busy of a family as we seem. I know that – because we talk a lot about training and softball and work – it sounds like we’re always doing something. But in reality? We are also spending a LOT of time sitting around watching Doctor Who. (I’m on the Donna Noble season. I LOVE HER.) It’s hard to convince people of this so I thought I’d take some time to point out things you probably do that we don’t.

  1. CHURCH. We are non-believers so our Sunday mornings are free for trail-runs and trips in the TARDIS. For some faiths that gives us our Wednesday night’s free as well. This is a real perk in this town because most organizations through the school avoid planning things on Wednesdays if they can because so many people go to church. So…people like us? Get a bonus night with rarely any activities…SCORE ONE FOR ETERNAL DAMNATION!
  2. YARD WORK. We mow our grass when it REALLY needs it. Usually about 3 days past when our neighbors have started talking about us. We only weed the “flower” beds about once a month. And a couple of times a warm season, Donnie weed-eat the hell out of our wooded back yard. Probably, on average over the entire summer? You’re still only looking at about an hour a week of yard work. And that may be a bit optimistic. It might actually be less than that.
  3. FOLDING CLOTHES. The kids don’t have and clothes that require folding. They all just get thrown in the drawer. A few things probably need to be hung up, but they stay in a pile by the closet. The only clothes of Donnie and I’s that require folding are my pants and his t-shirts. Everything else is either hung up (Once every 2-3 weeks) or crammed in drawers. We avoid a situation that requires folding clothes AT ALL COSTS. So we hang up (way quicker) or we wad up and cram in a drawer.
  4. CLEANING. We keep things picked up every day. But mainly that is us yelling at the kids to put up their toys. But we don’t ever really clean baseboards or windows or anything like that. And the big stuff, like vacuuming and sweeping, we only do that once a week and only if we’re expecting company. We dust for some company.
  5. TV SURFING. True. I only turn on the TV if I have something very specific to watch. I never just turn it on just to kill time. When I sit down to watch TV it’s to watch a show I’ve recorded or something I’m catching up on. My TV watching is PRECISE.
  6. GROOMING. I never get anything done to my nails or hair. About once every 2-3 months I’ll go into the Headstart by Target for a trim, but that’s only because I like it when they wash my hair. Donnie cuts his own hair and we wait until SEVERAL weeks past due to deal with the kid’s hair. And often I cut Nikki’s for her. At least I did when it was just bangs. We are very stress-free when it comes to grooming, even on a daily basis. Donnie can shower and be ready in 15 minutes. I am okay with 15 as well, it just requires I leave the house with wet hair. I never blow-dry my hair but I do like getting “read” a couple hours in advance so it dries on it’s own. But in reality? We get ready in about 15-minutes time.
  7. HOUSEHOLD UPDATES. We have put everything on our “To Do” list around the home on hold indefinitely. We just decided that – this is our forever home. It can wait. So it does! We haven’t done any big upgrades since we moved in. And we’re totally fine with that. No painting. No flooring. Hell, we bought new light fixtures for the bathroom and haven’t even put those in yet and that was 2 years ago!

What common things do you feel like you give up in your life? Do you ever regret this? Sometimes I wish I spent more time doing spa things so that my nails would be pretty and my eyebrows manicured. But over all I’m very okay with the sacrifices we make to allow for more slovenly activities like Marvel Superhero Movie Marathons.

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  1. Everyone’s right combination will be different and I think the trick is finding the right balance for your family. It seems like you guys have. I am still working on it, but I am trying to chill about that a little because we have a baby and that dictates the way I spend a lot of my time. I keep thinking I will have so much more free time when he is down to one nap and sleeping through the night, but I try not to fall into that trap and make the most of the schedule I have now.

    I heard this one at a parenting class and I love this take on filling up your life:

  2. This looks very similar to how we operate. It isn’t exact but yea we are out playing while others are cleaning and upgrading basically 🙂 You can’t do it all but at least have fun doing what you are doing right?

  3. If this were a Xanga site, I would give you lots of “e-props” for this post. Brilliant from start to finish, especially “score one for eternal damnation” and the part about the light fixtures, LOL.

  4. We outsource yard work to strapping young boy scouts earning money for their summer camping. I would feel guilty about spending the money on an actual service, but paying an 8th grader $20 to cut/blow/trip/edge knowing that money is going towards his trip to the mountains, not a problem. (I also greatly appreciate the fact that they have chosen this method of fund raising vs begging outside the grocery store)

    A new rule for us this year was we only do sports where both girls can be in the same place at the same time. For example swim team starts in two weeks. Different age brackets, but same practice times, same pool. We do find that being in a sport keeps it simple for us though as it’s the thing we “have” to do, rather than finding ways to fill time – when we end up at the mall or movies or eating out…

  5. I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one who does the bare minimum of housecleaning! I grew up with a mom who basically scrubbed the house from top to bottom every Saturday but I did not inherit that trait. I don’t let things get cluttered and I vacuum fairly frequently since we have dogs, but I couldn’t tell you the last time I dusted or mopped the kitchen floor. But I bake my own bread so I’m not a completely lazy slob!

  6. YES. We wouldn’t let Wes play sports until he was old enough to play the same league Nikki does. Which will be this coming year. We started Nikki earlier at the Y but now that she’s at city league we waited for him, not wanting to be two places at once.

    Also – no overlapping activities. Not for us, anyway.

  7. The only item on your list that we do and you don’t is fold laundry. I probably wouldn’t if I didn’t have to go down into my garage to get to my dryer (iron anyone?). Then again my husband does 50% of the laundry so it really doesn’t take up too much of my time and I’m usually folding it while watching TV.

  8. Have you met River Song yet????!!!!

    I mean, that is partially our plan as well. Minimal cleaning and grooming … but also minimal doing. 🙂

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