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Family Photos – Just The Way We Like Them

So, one of E’s good friends (and prom date this year) just so happens to be a mega-talented photographer. She came last weekend to family dinner and took a BOAT LOAD of photos of our extended family as a gift to my mother-in-law for Mother’s Day. She has been wanted a group shot of us all since the most recent grandchild was born, over a year-and-a-half ago! It went really well and now the toughest part is which picture do I hang up and where? She even took some AMAZING picture of my mother-in-law’s dog which may be the ones the end up getting top billing around her house. They’re THAT good.

But my favorite is that she took a bunch of candids of us jumping on the trampoline. And it turns out? My daughter is quite an aggressive trampoline-er. Who knew? I have decided that this one needs to be somehow set as the “default” picture WordPress uses as the FEATURED image for each blog post I do when I’m ranting about something. I also want this to be our Christmas Card picture with a caption that says something like, “I AM THE QUEEN OF THE TRAMPOLINE! ALL SHOULD BOW BEFORE ME!”

Or something like that…

4 thoughts on “Family Photos – Just The Way We Like Them”

  1. I clicked over and looked at the other pictures, too. They are all great! I love the one of your family making faces…too funny! You have a beautiful family, Kim.

  2. I noticed something in your family picture. E looks JUST like you. And he’s adorable! That means you are, too! (Take that self-esteem issues!) Cheers!

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