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So…about that marathon…

I know several of you were shocked I was running a marathon since I never actually blogged about it. I think I casually mentioned it in an entry about cheese or something…you know…because those two things are similar in weight. My love of cheese and my first real marathon.

First – if you’ll recall – I did run a marathon in 2007. I had trained for two half-marathons relatively well in 2007, (never ran the entire 13.1, but did okay) but after those I kinda stopped my training completely. But we had already made plans for the marathon so I went through with it. And I walked the majority of it. It took me almost 8 hours.

So…I prefer to pretend I’ve never run a marathon, because I haven’t. Not really.

Second – let me tell you how ANYTHING happens in my running group. Someone posts a message on our Facebook group about a race, several of us talk ourselves into it. That’s how it was with the Oak Barrel Half Marathon and the McKay Hollow 25K. And as soon as McKay was over (that was my trail race) some people started posting about nearby trail races. One was a trail half-marathon in May. I spent some time thinking about it, roped in another running friend by proposing a doable training schedule and BAM! We were signed up for A Trail Marathon on May 19th. EEK. There’s a few of us doing it and it’s going to be AWESOME.

Of course…um…that’s not all. While I’ve not signed up for these races since their registration isn’t open, I’ve also verbally committed to running the Dizzy 50s 50K (30 miles!) trail run in November AND the Rocket City Marathon in December. We’ve kinda mapped out our summer based on those future events.

Oh, and, um…one more thing. Just yesterday I, um, signed up for another marathon in October. You see…my Dad had a favorite bridge! It’s in Chattanooga and it’s a walking bridge across the TN River and it’s LOVELY. So, of course I had to sign up for the 7 bridges marathon! IT’S FOR MY DAD! (Yes. I’m totally playing the dead dad card.) I had no choice!

So…basically over the rest of the year I’m doing THREE marathons and one 50K. And a few miscellaneous half-marathons I’ll incorporate into my training. Which means I am officially STUPID CRAZY. Mostly because the one I signed up for yesterday? I didn’t even consult my running group. I just DID it. Because I have that much confidence now, enough that signing up for a marathon? Is not a big deal. Which is crazy because I’ve not even run one yet! I should not be this confident.

Oh well! No big deal…right? Just marathons…26.2 miles of running…NO BIG DEAL.

2012 – The Year Kim Lost Her Mind.

8 thoughts on “So…about that marathon…”

  1. So, I thought the recommendation was to only run one marathon a year to give your body time to heal. No? I am definitely not a runner.

  2. Something MORE than a marathon?! You are my hero. I’ll be happy to run one marathon this year.

  3. The general rule is that if you’re not normally a distance runner but you set your goal for a marathon, one will definitely be enough for awhile. (I’m not sure about one a year, but definitely one in 6 months or so) but as I’ve beecoming someone who runs 25-40 miles a week since about September of last year, my body has changed conditioning levels. I’ve got friends who run several ultras a year, (Ultra = anything more than a marathon). There’s definitely a range of conditioning and since I’ve been lucky and injury-free for the most part, I’m able to take on more as my body becomes more conditioned to these 15+ miles runs. I still wouldn’t want to do too many, but I’m at a half-marathon base and have been since about November, so the training to get me to a marathon level isn’t as hard on my body as it is on a beginner.

    Not sure if any of that makes sense 😉

  4. This is the post that finally made me comment! I’m a runner too and I love love love seeing a woman get stronger, faster and happier with running while juggling a family and life. It’s amazing! Keep it up!

  5. Yep, it sure does. I’m sure I heard that rule when I was my friend’s official marathon cheerleader. (That would be pre-kid and before she moved out of state, when traveling with her made more sense and she did more runs in FL.) She never really ran the way you do, so I’m sure her coaches from Track Shack advised her to run no more than one – or it could have been two – in a year. I didn’t realize at the time that it was a rule of thumb specific to her level, though I did know some really good runners did more.

  6. holy s-balls you are awesome/crazy. After an injury, I’m still working to rebuild my base. Goal right now is to be able to do 15K comfortably.

  7. themamabeth – Arizona – Mom to four amazing girls, wife to the best husband in the world. Wrangler of a cat, four dogs, and two ferrets. Maker of things as the mood strikes.
    Beth says:

    You are totally my role model. Everything you accomplish is just so awesome, and the times you struggle but then bounce back? Give me so much hope and encouragement. I have a few more weeks of post-baby recovery to get by, and then I’m going to pull out my running shoes.

  8. Miss Zoot, you have outdone yourself this time. Every time I come to your blog, I am inspired in some way. To try something new with my photography, to do something fun with my kids, to cook something, to read something, etc. I am floored and awed and inspired. I’m thinking of that quote you had on here awhile ago, something like “right now, someone busier than you is out for a run.” I think of YOU every time I hem and haw about running. if you can do it, with a job and three kids, then so can I. My hat (and running shoes!) are off to you, lady! I am cheering for you with everything I’ve got for ALL of your races!!

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