Thing 3

Wes Shorts

Wesley: We need to go to that big pool!
(Inside my head: What big pool? The one at the Y?)
Wesley: The one withe big rope you can swing on!
(The Y doesn’t have one of those…)
Wesley: And then you jump in and there’s someone on a computer under water!
(Okay. What in the hell is this kid talking about?)
Wesley: And someone is sitting at the computer recording the video! Under water! So Mommy can see us!
Me: Um…Where did you see this pool?
Wesley: In my dream

We went to Publix the other night and Wes was riding in the buggy shopping cart. I was in the meat section and he pointing to a turkey and said, “Cook on of those!” “A whole turkey?” I said, “How about a turkey breast?” I went to grab a turkey breast and he freaked out. “NO! ONE OF THOSE!” I explained that the big turkeys were expensive and that there was NO WAY I’d cook a big turkey for just our family. The turkey breast would be almost the same thing. He was still panicking so I offered to buy the turkey breast with the same packaging as the whole turkey and he was like, “YEAH! THAT WILL WORK!” He then insisted on holding the damn thing the rest of the trip. Periodically I’d catch him kissing it. YES. KISSING THE FROZEN TURKEY BREAST.

Wesley: I’m going to play soccer and baseball like Nikki does when I get big! But I’ll play with the boy teams, not the girl teams. Because I don’t have a vagina.

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  1. Hee. That’s really interesting, what little kids dream about. For a second, I thought he was talking about an episode of Lost.

  2. I’m trying to comment on your “How to pin a recipe on Pinterest” post, but when I click on the Comment link, it takes me to your “not found/”Hi, I’m Kim” page.

    What I wanted to say regarding Pinterest (in general) is that I hate when people pin links to stuff they found via StumbleUpon for the same reason. I can’t go back and find the original source, be it a recipe, instructions (like handy household hints, how to do crafts, etc.), or clothing or jewelry I might like to buy (if I knew the price). It’s not just StumbleUpon, of course, but other “aggregator” sites like you’ve mentioned.

    If you’re able to put this comment where it belongs (with the other post), please do! I don’t know what the problem is (I’m just glad I can access your site from work, because I didn’t used to be able to!).

  3. And now I can’t even SEE the Pinterest post. 🙁 Perhaps that explains the not being able to comment? Did you take it down, or decide to edit it?

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