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My Snuggle Bunny

This kid…THIS KID…is SUCH a snuggle bunny. If he knows you at all, no matter how casually, and if you’re female and ask for a hug? He’ll give it to you. He’ll wrap his tiny arms around your neck, his legs around your waist, he’ll lay his head on your shoulder and he’ll stay there FOREVER.

I’m not exaggerating. When there’s a hug-off between Wes and any adult female? She caves first, just because she inevitably has to be somewhere OTHER than holding my son. But he’s usually there for an extended period of time.

At least once a day I find myself demanding a hug from Wes. Of all three of my kids, he’s the only real snuggle buddy I’ve had and I take FULL ADVANTAGE of it. If I feel like I’m running around too stressed, I force myself to sit down and demand a hug. And then I sit there until the anxiety wanes because – I’m telling you – those arms? Better than 10 Xanax.

Do you have a snuggle bunny? If not…you can borrow mine any time. As long as I’m not using him.

6 thoughts on “My Snuggle Bunny”

  1. Our foster son loves hugs – I think it’s one of his love languages. We watched Finding Nemo the other day and he started sat one end of the sofa from me and by the end of the film was snuggled up right next to me and I had my arm round his shoulders.

  2. William was my snuggle bunny when he was younger, which was such a happy and startling change from my snuggle-avoiding firstborn. By the time William outgrew it, I had Henry, who will almost leave bruises on my neck from his hug attacks.

  3. Can you bring him up here to Chicago? I could use a snuggle bunny. My little snuggle bunny that I used to borrow from my friend is too grown up now (She’s 9 going 30).

  4. The eldest (6) and the youngest (3) of my work kids definitely have their snuggle bunny moments…I hope I get a few today 😉

  5. He’s just starting to be. Although I think it’s actually a ploy to wipe snot/dribble on my shoulder. Heck, I don’t care, I’m getting snuggles. One day he’ll think he’s grown up enough to live with someone other than his Mummy. Til then, I am happy to play handkerchief!

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