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Proud Mama Creys!

It’s SHOW WEEK! Since E is a Junior, he was able to audition for and participate in the winter straight play. This year it’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and E is Tweedle-Dum. They also needed a few heart children for a few minor moments on stage and guess who happens to have brothers and sisters the right size? E! So, somehow, I ended up with THREE kids in this show! And I’m so proud! EEK.

The tech rehearsals started yesterday. That means when they run the show mapping out sound and lighting cues. It’s a tedious process so the little kids didn’t have to be there for that. However, they’ll be at rehearsal every night this week and the show opens on Thursday. This process has been fun as I’ve gotten to be there for a lot I wouldn’t normally be there for since E doesn’t really need hand-holding. And since I still find so much of this fascinating, I have been trying to help our more often as well. Like on Saturday when I got to watch and help hang some of the scenery drops for the show.

These shows are so amazing, how they all come together in the end. And these teenagers are taught and trained well. I just observed some of the hanging yesterday until E encouraged me to come help. I have watched them do it enough to understand the system. For example, when the students controlling the pipes (Long metal pipes going across the length of the stage that hold scenery back drops or teaser curtains or scrims) have to move it up or down they’ll yell, “Pipe coming down!” The 20+ teenagers on stage helping all say, “Thank you!” in unison meaning that they heard the warning and they’re aware. That way no one gets hurt.

The first time you’re around the stage when that happens, and you don’t know what’s going on? (Which is me most of the time since this is not my world.) It’s very cool. The teens are all very professional with these very expensive drops and scrims and everything and they know how to take care of it. It’s really amazing to watch and I was TERRIFIED that I’d be the one that screwed something up. BUT I DIDN’T!

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again…E’s discovering this “hobby” has changed the life of EVERYONE in our family. For the better, of course. But look at all of the life experiences we’re all getting just because he chose to take drama as a freshmen! My kids are in another show, this is actually Nikki’s SECOND show thanks to E. I’m hanging scenery drops and producing musicals…it’s just amazing and I don’t know if he’ll ever understand how grateful I am that he lets us be so involved in his world.

And if you’re local? Come see the show! It’s going to be AH-MAH-ZING.

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  1. It’s funny how automatic those responses get. I had about twenty of them fly through my head the minute you mentioned it… although we were never trained to reply with a thank you, just a repeat of the first call. This way seems more polite…

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