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Team Zoot

Donnie hit the trails with some of us last weekend and it was tons of fun. It’s not easy for him to slow down, but luckily it worked out fine since the rest of the group ran at my pace. Also – he ended up busting his ass at some point and he was really glad he was far enough ahead of us that no one saw him fall.

Having a supportive spouse is KEY with this new active lifestyle. Because, while I love it when we can go out together, it’s more often that he and I oblige the other their workout time by tending to the family in their absence. During the summer, the kids and I spend a lot of Saturdays alone as he trains for his races. Lately – he has weekend wakeup duty while I head out early for my long runs.

Many of you have commented to me that you don’t have as supportive of a situation. Maybe because your partner doesn’t believe in the necessities of your workouts, maybe because you’re alone and you have to depend on other family/friends to help out with the kids making it very difficult for you to find time to workout.

So I make sure to appreciate my situation. Because it’s more than just cooperative parenting that helps…

  • He understands why I pay almost $2 a pack for hyped up gummi bears, when I may eat 2 packs on a long run.
  • He encourages me to buy replacement shoes even though the last pair is only 3 months old.
  • He doesn’t get grossed out by the black toenail threatening to fall off my big toe.
  • He also doesn’t get too grossed out by my dirty clothes. Which, when mingled with his in our “workout clothes” pile can smell quite disgusting.
  • He googles stretching videos for me when I’m having IT band problems and teaches me how to use the foam roller.
  • He humors me while I discuss my latest miles earned and reciprocates by discussing his last bike ride.
  • He doesn’t laugh at me running with blinky lights all over me. Although he really wants to. He hasn’t quite jumped on the blinky bandwagon like I have.
  • He just understands that when I’m having one of those days, just getting out and running is what I need and he accommodates that. He just gets it, you know? And because I’m so prone to guilt issues, I need that encouragement to balance out the instinctual guilt that will inevitably rise when I make a “selfish” request.

I appreciate what I have and know that none of these lifestyle changes would be possible without a teammate.

Especially a teammate who loves me, otherwise the smelly running clothes would surely be a lot harder to tolerate.

8 thoughts on “Team Zoot”

  1. It’s wonderful you’ve got such a great “teammate” – finding someone to not be grossed out by black toenails can be difficult ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Awww. Donnie, we’re so glad you support our favorite blogger. (Ok, so maybe I’m speaking in the royal ‘we’ there, but I’m sure there are others that agree…)

  3. Great post!!! Love that you have that situation too. Being healthy and happy go hand in hand. I’m glad Donnie loves you through all of it. I call Chris my “coach” and it really is a term of endearment…even though he may not always feel it. ๐Ÿ˜‰ thanks for continuing on this amazing journey of activeness. I absolutely love it!!

  4. Love this! It has been so much fun to watch your running relationship. My family joined the gym and it has been nice to go together. I think I have convinced my husband to go to zumba…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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