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There Is Not Enough Wood For Me To Knock On, I Know…

On top of just the improvement in behavior, Wes has become a snuggle bunny times A MILLION. He has always been a lover, not a hater. He wants to be held and – while mostly shy around strangers – if someone offers to hold him? He’s all theirs. He’ll let them pick him up and then he’ll snuggle with them. Which, of course, wins him the hearts of many unsuspecting women.

But lately? It’s been more than that. He just wants to LOVE on everyone. And it’s WONDERFUL. Granted – a lot of the time it’s because he doesn’t want to walk, but STILL. His new thing? “Momma, will you hold me? I’ll keep you WARM.” I’ll pick him up and he’ll wrap his arms around me SO TIGHT and keep me warm. He also wants to snuggle in bed (“I don’t need a nap, just a hug.”) and he wants to sit in my lap WHEREVER we are.

And yes…if this was all still accompanied by the dreadful “AGE THREE IS FROM THE DEVIL” behavior? It would not be as welcomed. But with this new and improved, maybe-I-won’t-sell-him behavior? I can’t get enough of it.

The best moment was yesterday. I was scrubbing the sink in his bathroom and he just came in and was talking to me. Suddenly he said, “Thank you, Momma, for cleaning our bathroom.”


That’s unusual behavior in a child at ANY age. Hell…I admit to sometimes asking my husband to notice and appreciate those type of things.

In conclusion? I sometimes wake him up early just so I can enjoy more time with him before I go to work.

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  1. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR INDEED! I think my Mum thinks it’s strange that I keep texting her to tell her I love her. We’re currently going through fostering proceedings to look after a 12 year old boy – there are issues with his Mum (to the point that she’s calling my husband a liar on a regular basis yay!) but the more she kicks up a stink the more I realise what my Mum and Dad did and gave up for me and my brother. So I say thank you and that I love my folks more – because who knows when it’s going to finish.

  2. I love this. Evi is definitely pushing her boundaries a bit these days, so I’m prepping for the dreaded Year Three.

  3. The end of three for us was a test of patience, but we’ve seen the same thing at age four. (By the way, I loooooved most of age 3, but age 4 has been better times a million.)(Except for the sleeping. Child is up two or three times a night.)

    We all knew Wes had it in him. 🙂

  4. My little guy (ok. not so little- he’s almost 7) did this when he turned 4 too! When he was three I almost sold him to the gypsies, but when turned 4? He was like a different child. And he’s stayed that way for the most part! I still carry all 60 lbs of him around at times and I snuggle as much as possible because there will probably be a time when he won’t want to. Yay for snuggly kids!

  5. Isn’t it nice when you like your kids again? My youngest just turned 3, and I’m pretty sure I’ll have my tubes tied before she turns 4.

  6. My friend Lisa and I were just discussing this. Her daughter is about 6 months younger than mine and about 6 months ago (when mine was closer to 3 than 4) I really DIDN’T LIKE my daughter. Like you said, I loved her, but I didn’t like her. Now as she closes in on 4 she is much improved and Lisa’s daughter who just turned 3 in late August is showing all the same terrible behavior mine had a few months ago. It’s kind of amazing actually. Everyone I talk to says 3 is the toughest. So, I’m very much looking forward to April when mine turns 4.

  7. Ugh. I drew the four year old short straw. My daughter was pretty okay at two and three, but four has been hell on wheels. Or maybe I just don’t remember the horror of two and three. Or maybe it is because we had a new baby when she turned four and it just feels worse. But MAN! The sassy! The attitude! The ‘no i won’t’s!
    Glad Wes is doing so much better. Makes being a mom so much easier. 🙂

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